Card Reading; 1/30-2/5

This morning I was guided to perform a reading from the Angel Therapy Card Deck by Doreen Virtue.

I asked my Angels and Guides what message the world needed to see, and keep in mind, this week. The card that came up is the Solar-Plexus Chakra.

Let us first examine the Solar Plexus.



The Solar Plexus, or Manipura, is the third of the seven major chakras. This means, it is the yellow one, directly in the center of the others, shown in the picture above. Manipura is the chakra that connects your lower and higher chakras. There is always plenty of energy moving through it. For example, it pertains to your ability to manifest your life, and it also deals with any fears you may have. It is the holder of emotion, and plays a big part in your intuition. Ever had a gut feeling? That was your Solar Plexus talking.

I work a lot with my Solar Plexus, and I have been for the past few years. Whenever I feel anxious, I can sense what feels like a ball of energy located where the Solar Plexus lies. And as I work through the issues of what could be making me uncomfortable, I literally feel that energy move out of my stomach and disappear.

So it makes sense to me that this card would come up as a message the world needs to see right now. I have seen the things happening, politically, and I have seen the way people are reacting to it.

This is a time to rise into your power, stand up for what you believe in, move past your fears and manifest the future you want to see. While all of this is happening, it is vital that you keep in mind power does not equal aggressiveness. You cannot fight hate with more hate. If you focus on the things you do not want, they will more rapidly and more strongly manifest before your eyes. You must show love in all that you do, starting with yourself, so that you may spread love into the world.

I have faith in you.


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