Card Reading: 2/6 -2/12

The Reading

With Valentine’s Day sneaking up on us as fast as the holiday season disappeared, I decided to do a reading from Doreen Virtue’s The Romance Angels card deck.

I asked Archangel Chamuel, who I have been working closely with this month, to guide me to the cards that people needed to see this week, February 6th – 12th.

These are the cards that came up:


The first card to come up was Let Go of Control Issues.

This goes along with the theme I have been pushing this month, with the 28 Days of Love Challenge. That theme is to love yourself. The angels are telling me that there is not enough self-love taking place in ourselves. You will not get the love that you desire if you do not show it to yourself. You may have romantic relationships or involvements, but they will not be like the highest vision that you hold for yourself. This is because you attract the type of energy that you put out. If you constantly criticize yourself, your clothes/appearance, your job, and so on, the people around you will do the same. If you see yourself as insignificant in any way, so will the romantic partner you draw in.

This card can also mean that you may be dreaming of someone you know, and wanting to be in a romantic relationship with them. Perhaps you are acting in a different way, trying to get certain reactions from them. You may be fantasizing about this person, and wishing very hard that they ask you on a date for Valentine’s Day. Essentially, you may be trying to control the situation to get your desired outcome, but find yourself being very stagnant. I have been in this situation before. It feels like you’re doing well, and you’re dreaming of the future with this person, and then something happens and you feel like you took one thousand steps backwards. I’ve found that when you relax, and do what’s in alignment with the true you, things will work themselves out. If you are meant to be with the person, it WILL happen. And if you aren’t, that’s fabulous! That means there is someone better out there, just waiting and dreaming for you.

So it only makes sense that the second card I pulled was Pay Attention to the Red Flags. This goes along with what I was just saying. Sometimes we get so caught up with our idea of who someone is, that we don’t realize who they truly are. Again, this is highly a possibility when Valentine’s is right around the corner. Be aware of the person. Watch how they interact with others. Get to know more about their tastes and ways of communication. If you see anything you don’t care for, keep that in mind before you get too caught up.

And this is not to say the person you’ve got your eye on is not for you. I’m only saying to look at this person for who they are, not what you want them to be. When you can be who you are and see them for who they are, then the foundation will be there, and you can choose to move things along, or not. Either way, remember that the choice is always yours.



The angels are always with you and waiting for you to ask them for their help and guidance. If you are not sure about how to proceed in your romantic life, ask them for guidance. Focus and meditate on your dream partner, and ask the angels to assist you in loving yourself and bringing this kind of relationship into your life.

If you would like a private reading on your romantic life, please do not hesitate to ask me! Contact me here, on Facebook, or on Instagram, and we will figure out the best way for us to connect.

Be gentle with yourselves.


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