The Power of Prayer

Tonight my boyfriend and I were debating whether to take the long drive out to our favorite record store or not.
I felt anxious about the idea, but wasn’t exactly sure why. So I figured there was no harm in going, considering it was my favorite record store and my favorite person.
So we were driving, and admiring the beautiful full moon. We were noticing more and more sirens, and police lights going off. We assumed all this commotion was due to the full moon, and kind of laughed it off.
I was getting a little more nervous, though, feeling like getting in an accident was a possibility.
I decided to call in Archangel Michael. I asked him to protect myself and my boyfriend. I also asked him to please protect my car.
Finally, we got to the light where we would turn into the record store parking lot. I was in the left turn lane and the car in front of me was in the intersection, waiting to turn.
The light turned yellow, and this car moved to take its turn. But a car came flying through the other side, and they crashed. The first car came spinning around, and almost hit my car. It stopped a few feet away from me…
My boyfriend and I were shocked.
We pulled into the store lot, to get out of the way of the scene. When we were parked, I told him of how I was anxious the whole drive, and prayed to Archangel Michael (the angel of protection). I then thanked Michael aloud. If it weren’t for his protection, we may have been included in this accident, as well.
It was really amazing to feel the protection of an angel. Just goes to show how they truly are always there for you, and will always help you when you ask them.

“Archangel Michael,” from Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy Card Deck.

Thank you, again, Archangel Michael, for your protection and love.
Let us all take this moment to give thanks to our loving angels. And please, let us send love and healing energy to those who were involved in the accident, tonight.

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