Card Reading 2/13-2/19

For this week’s reading, I decided to go again, with the Romance Angels Card Deck by Doreen Virtue, since St. Valentine’s Day is this week.

The spread is as follows:


The first card that came up is one that we saw last week, “Let Go of Control Issues.” I actually watched a card reading video from Doreen Virtue herself, this morning. The same card came up in her reading, as well. So this tells me, considering this came up in my reading last week and both our readings this week, that the Romance Angels are really encouraging us to let go of control in our relationships.

Last week, I said that maybe some of you were trying to control the outcome of a romantic situation a little too much. That still may be the case, but this week it appears that there is a lot of control happening between partners, not necessarily controlling the situation.

You cannot control your partner, or any person, for that matter. The only person you have control over is yourself.

The next card to come up is, “Codependency.” It reads:

Addictions are affecting your romantic life.

This tells me that either you or your partner have some kind of addiction that you are desperately trying to gain control of. If this is your partner, when you try to converse with them about this situation, please do so from a place of love. If you come at your partner with a controlling attitude, they will not respond to you well. If your partner has some type of addiction that you know is not good for them or not good for your relationship, express your feelings as best as you can. This actually goes along with what I wrote about for today’s 28 Days of Love Challenge. You cannot keep feelings bottled up inside, EVER. And if it is getting to the point where you are not being truthful with your partner, you cannot continue to let that happen. You must clear the energy, and let your partner know where you stand. Let them know how their behaviors are affecting you. Maybe then you will see the change you want to see.

If you are the one with an addictive behavior that is affecting your romantic life in a negative way, talk with your partner about it. Tell them that you are aware of the situation, and you know that it is affecting your relationship. Tell them how you feel about the behavior and let them know that if you want to change, and heal the relationship, you will need their support.

So it only makes sense that the last card to come up was “Give Your Relationship A Chance.” It reads:

Work on your partnership.

To be in a romantic relationship with someone means that you must really care about them, or you would not be together. Whether this is a newer relationship or one of many years, it is important to keep working on it, if you love this person unconditionally. If your behavior or your partner’s behavior has been negatively affecting the relationship, it is necessary to open up to each other, and let each other know how much you care. Tell your partner you love them, and help each other through. Relationships have difficult times. It is vital that you communicate and work through those times together, if you want a lasting relationship.

Remember to be gentle with yourself and with your partner. Remember to come from a place of love, not worry or fear.

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