Card Reading 2/20-2/26

From Alana Fairchild’s Isis Oracle Deck.

This week’s card reading focuses on following your destiny.

Lady Isis says:

“The oracle of Divine Destiny often comes at a time when there is something that you feel you are struggling to attain. It may be a vague sense or a clear vision. There is something within your heart that you have almost given up hope on, wondering if it is ever really going to come together. This Oracle comes with the message that although you may feel struggle or challenge, it is not a sign to step away in this situation. It is a sign to put your faith in the Divine Warrior within instead.”

I feel that the energy around me and around most of the people I surround myself with has been that of indecision. Perhaps lack of direction, or uncertainty. This Oracle comes at the most perfect time. It comes to remind us that when there is something we have wanted to attain or accomplish in our lives, for some time, that we must actually go out and do it. For too long, we may sit and wonder if it is ACTUALLY where we should be, if it is “stupid,” or if it is the “wrong,” decision. There are so many egotistical fears that we may feed ourselves. But the fact of the matter is: when there is something you think about all the time and see yourself doing in the future, then you must fight for it. You cannot sit back and wait to see if it falls in your lap.

Today I am urging you to take the next necessary step along your life path. Research college courses, find an informative book at the store, research it online, find groups that support your cause. DO ANYTHING that will get you one step closer to where you want to be. Life is too short to not take any risks. Trust that the Divine will be with you every step of the way. Call on them to help you. I wish you the best of luck, as you become the Warrior you always have been.






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