Card Reading 2/27-3/5


This week I decided to pull cards from my Universal Waite Tarot Deck. This is the first full-sized card deck I ever had, so we are pretty good at working together. That’s also my beautiful piece of Selenite, who loves to be in the pictures for my card readings. Look at it though, isn’t beautiful? Doesn’t it make you feel cheerful and magical?

The cards that came up for this week, where we end February and begin March, are incredibly positive. As some of you may know, The Sun is the most positive card in the entire Tarot deck. The 9 of Cups is also high up on the positive-chart.

Both cards mean that what you wish for, you will receive. All good things are coming to you. You are entering a time of luck, magic, happiness, good times, and success. Whatever you put your mind to, you can accomplish. You are being supported by the Universe and the Divine, as you continue along your life path. The world is yours!

If you are starting a new project, partnership, or career, have no fear. Everything is going exactly as it should, and you are being led in the right direction.

Take advantage of this exciting time, and really get moving on all you desire. The Sun is providing the life force and zest you will need for your journey. Have faith in yourself and listen to your intuitive feelings. And remember to be open to receiving, so that you may get what you are working towards.

Have a blessed and beautiful week!


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