Your Passion

When you find your passion, it’s like nothing else can stand in your way of accomplishing all the things you want to accomplish.
No person, no job, no amount of money, nothing…will keep you from moving forward.
The funniest thing about finding your passion is that it was inside you, all along.
It’s crazy to think about how you always KNEW it was inside you, too.
From the time you were a little kid, taking in and discovering the world around you, something inside told you where you would put your energy as an adult. Somehow, you knew what kind of journey you’d be taking.
So when you come back to those dreams and fantasies as an adult, you worry and wonder if they will ever actually come true. Then you spend a long time trying to decide if you should go for it, or not.
I’m here to tell you to go for it.
Remember that you are the writer of your story. Remember that you are a divine spark of light, that has come to Earth to experience life as a human. So show yourself just how awesome life can be. Follow your passion, and see where the story goes.

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