March Magnificence

Good morning, March 1st! To welcome March and all its magnificence, I have done a Tarot reading especially for this month.

March and the 3 Vibration

In numerology, 3 is about plans you have made, or partnerships you have, coming together and moving forward. It is a very positive and optimistic number, which promotes expansion and growth. It is time to kick out the old that no longer serves you, and bring in the new that is necessary for your growth. Most importantly, be creative and have fun as you’re doing this!

Tarot Reading


This reading depicts the energies for the entire month of March. It does not show EVERY energy you will experience this month, but it does show the MAIN energies that will be affecting everyone this month. Think of it as an overall reading.

The first card in the spread is the Knight of Cups. This card represents that a message or opportunity is coming to you, soon. A lot of times, the Knight of Cups is connected with romance. This means you could be receiving a message about love. Perhaps a new partnership or engagement could be coming your way. On the other hand, the Knight relates to intuition and creation. The message you are about to receive may come to you through your intuition. Pay close attention to your dreams, messages around you, or things people say. Your message could arrive there. Either way, this message is very important and will tell you where you need to go next in your life.

So it only makes sense that the second card pulled is the King of Swords. The King represents business. After you receive the message coming to you, you will spend some time figuring out your next move. The King can also represent someone you may be working alongside to accomplish your plans. This person could even be your romantic partner, as shown by the Knight, above, but of course it does not have to be.

The last card pulled is the Five of Swords. Five in numerology represents change. In this particular card, it shows that whatever you are working towards, you will meet with success. You will come out feeling on top of the world. No one will be a match for you.


Pay attention to messages coming to you from your guides and symbols you see around you. Make sure you listen to your intuition. It will guide you to where you need to be in order to take action. When you listen to your intuition, and perhaps team up with the right people or place, things will fall in line for you. You can make your dreams come true. The foundation for those dreams starts this month. Go for it!

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