Archangel Michael: Winged Protector

Over the past few weeks, I have mentioned Archangel Michael in various posts. Today, he has guided me to talk a little more about him and who he is. To read previous posts in which I featured Michael, take a look at today’s card reading post, or The Power of Prayer.

Who is Archangel Michael?

Archangel Michael’s name means, “He who is like God.” He is known as a leader among Archangels, and is the master of protection. He works very closely with lightworkers, and guides them in their teachings. He wants to rid the world of fear based energies. He wants to help us all to release our fears, and live our divine purpose.
Michael carries a sword to help us sever the chords of fear, or chords to other people or situations that no longer serve us. It has been said that when he is around, the energy you feel will be veryย hot.ย You may also see blue flashes of light when he is around, as the color he vibrates with his blue.

How to Call Michael

You can call on Archangel Michael whenever you feel like you need his love and protection. All you have to say is: “Archangel Michael I call upon you to . . . ” and he will be there in an instant. Another way to familiarize yourself with Michael is to meditate on the color blue. Lay or sit down with your eyes closed, and focus on his powerful blue light. Enjoy being in his protective energy, and stay there as long as you’d like.

When to Call Michael

-to send protection to a loved one
-to protect yourself
-to protect your energy (especially if you are empathic)
-to protect your car/home
-to remove your fear/give you courage
-to protect you while astral traveling
-to help you with malfunctioning electronics
-to increase self-esteem
-to find direction/life purpose


Always remember to thank Archangel Michael for his love and support. I will be continuing to post about Archangels in the future. Find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for more angel fun!

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