Card Reading: 3/5-3/12


Heart Chakra

The first card in the reading is the Heart Chakra. It reads:

The answer that you seek is in your heart right now. Be open to giving and receiving love.

Archangel Michael

The second card in the reading is Archangel Michael. It reads:

You’re working very closely with this powerful archangel, who’s protecting and guiding you through this situation.

Vacuum Away Fear

The third and final card is Vacuum Away Fear. It reads:

Call upon Archangels Michael and Raphael to lift fear-based energy from you, your surroundings, this situation, and everyone involved.


Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael want to help you as you open your heart, and let go of fears. Is there something or someone in your life that is causing you to feel discomfort? Is there something you feel you need to change in your life?

Now is the time for you to love yourself, enough to make these changes.

Maybe you need to open up to someone, romantically. Is there someone you want to be closer to, but are afraid to allow yourself? Ask the Angels to help you release these fears. They can help you heal from past hurts and let love in. The same goes for non-romantic relationships, as well. Is there a family member who has hurt you? Do you feel the need to heal the past? Whether that means talking to the person, or forgiving them alone, and never speaking to them again, the angels can help you. Call on Archangel Raphael to help heal your heart chakra.

Is your heart unhappy in a current job or situation? Ask Archangel Michael to guide and protect you as you try to better your situation. He can provide you with the strength to follow your heart, and find the place you need to be.


The angels are telling me there is a lot of healing to be done in the world, this week. Take some time to look inside yourself and evaluate your needs. What no longer serves you that you can let go of? How can you open your heart in order to give and receive love? How can you get to where you want to go? Call on Archangel Michael for protection and strength. Call on Archangel Raphael for healing and calming of anxiety. Call on both of them together, to help rid yourself of fear-based energies or past energy chords, and make room for the new.

The Angels are here for you. If you want to know more about how to call on them, check out yesterday’s post, How to Connect with Angels.

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