Earth Angel Realms: An Introduction

In February of this year, I took a course with Doreen Virtue, based on her book, Earth Angel Realms. 
I first read the book last year, and instantly fell in love with it.
For many years, I have known that I am a lightworker, with a special mission to accomplish. But it wasn’t until I read this book, that I really decided to start chasing my dreams. This book gave me a greater sense of belonging. This book made me more aware of myself, who I am, and what I stand for. It gave me the confidence and assurance that my dreams were not too far-fetched, and that I had the power to influence people in a positive way.
So I decided to take the course, and become a certified realm reader, in hopes that I can help others feel that same sense of belonging and understanding. I hope to share the knowledge I gained to help people love themselves and accept themselves easier. To help them understand their relationships and the people around them better. Maybe even help to guide them to their life purpose.
Over the next few weeks, I plan to post about each realm. There are four core realms, and many, many, hybrid and blended realms.
It is important to keep an open mind when learning about the realms, as some of the information is far out there. I feel that the teachings relate very much to reincarnation, although Doreen Virtue didn’t really market it that way. I suppose it is a blend of reincarnation and incarnation. Also, be aware that you may find yourself relating to more than one realm. I am offering realm readings on my Earth Angel page, if you want help seeing where you fit. I actually had a reading done from the course group. I thought I fit into a certain realm, but felt like I was missing something. But one look at my eyes (eyes are extremely important in realm readings) and multiple people said a realm I had only half-considered before, along with the one I knew I belonged to. But when I thought about it again, both together defined who I am perfectly! I think for a minute there, I wasn’t as open to the other realms, because upon reading the book I found mine, and didn’t really see much past that. So, getting someone else’s opinion is also important when categorizing.
Join me for this fun and exciting journey! I hope you can learn something about yourself, and have a good time along the way.
Namaste dear ones,

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