Card Reading: 3/13-3/19


This week, I was guided to use the Life Purpose cards from Doreen Virtue. Many of the people around me, myself included, have been pondering their future, and where they will be working. Since this is a one year, (2+0+1+7 = 10, 1+0=1), a lot of us are feeling that change energy. Our lives go in nine year cycles, last year was a nine year, this is a one year. Therefore, we are just beginning the next 9 year cycle of our lives. This year is about making changes, and creating what we want in our lives.


The first card I drew was Options, it reads:

Consider the career possibilities that are open to you.

Time to Decide

The second card drawn was Time to Decide, and it reads:

Make a decision based on your heart’s true desires.


The third and final card drawn was Support, and it says:

Your life purpose fully supports you.


Life is filled with limitless options. If you are feeling stuck in your career, or perhaps you feel you have grown out of something you once loved, the Angels are telling you that you do have other options. Speak with your angels, tell them what you want most out of your career. They can help you by sending you signs about which path to follow. Maybe you want to return to school, or start a small business on the side. Or maybe you just want a different job that is in more alignment with who you are, than your current one. Whatever the reason, know that you are supported by your angels. They will guide you to where you want to be, as long as you let them in and ask them for help. They also want you to know that you will be supported with success, time, and money, as long as you allow their assistance and keep your thoughts positive during this transition time.

It is never too late to follow your heart. And it is not “wrong,” to want something different out of life. As humans, we are here to experience life. So get out there, and make the most out of your days. Take classes on subjects related to fields you can see yourself working in. Find groups of people with similar interests. Enroll in school, or start a new training program. Read a book about business planning, or marketing. Get yourself out there, know you are supported, and start this new 9 year cycle off right.

Namaste dear ones, and have a great week!


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