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Incarnated Angels is the name of the first group of Earth Angels that I will be talking about. Everything in my Earth Angel Series is based on Doreen Virtue’s theory/book Earth Angel Realms.

Who Are Incarnated Angels?

Incarnated Angels are literally angels, who have decided to take on being human. They choose to do so for a specific reason, whether they have a lesson to learn or something to teach. Either way, Incarnated Angels are truly the most loving people you will come into contact with. Doreen Virtue says:

When you look into the eyes of an Incarnated Angel, you see sweet, pure, unconditional love.

Life of an Incarnated Angel

Incarnated Angels are very attractive people, as the love they have radiates through their eyes and face. They have heart-shaped faces, and usually have their hair highlighted or on the lighter side. Incarnated Angels usually have issues with their health and weight. This is because adjusting to life as a human can be very challenging to them. They are surrounded by energies that are unfamiliar to them, and by people who take advantage of them. They also carry a lot of guilt, and tend to apologize a lot. So naturally, they try to shield themselves. And from a holistic view, this means that they put on extra weight for protection.
Some of the health issues they are prone to are: fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, breast issues, and gynecological problems. Doreen Virtue says this is because they love too much. They love so much, that they tend to put everyone else before themselves and the emotions they stuff down, manifest within their bodies.
Incarnated Angels also end up in very one-sided relationships due to that aspect. They are always taking care of everyone, especially their romantic partners and family. A lot of times, they end up in relationships with partners who are addicts or abusive. But the Incarnated Angel sees these problems as an opportunity to fix their loved one. They want to save everyone, and make everyone happy.
On the lighter side, they have no problem attracting new friends and romantic partners. Everyone can feel their warmth and want to be a part of it. Incarnated Angels are very sweet and fun friends/partners. They are very talkative and love to laugh. Sometimes they can be very shy, but once you get to know them, they are very charismatic. They also have a very deep love for angels, of course!


Many Incarnated Angels will be found in careers where they are helping people in some way. They may be doctors or nurses, teachers or counselors. They may also enjoy doing energy work. They will be found with basically any career where they are helping a lot of people.


You may be an Incarnated Angel if any of this sounds like you. Or perhaps you know someone who could potentially be an Incarnated Angel. Either way, I think it’s important to state that not everyone is an Earth Angel or lightworker, but there are many, many, of us who are. I am writing about this theory in order to try and help others realize their purpose for choosing life on Earth.
If you feel like you are an Earth Angel or lightworker, but don’t feel in alignment with the Incarnated Angel Realm, don’t worry! I will be posting about the other realms this week. I am also offering realm readings on my Services page. But honestly, I would suggest waiting to get a reading until I’ve discussed all the realms, because it will be more fun that way!

Last Words for Incarnated Angels

If you believe you may be an Incarnated Angel, definitely pick up Doreen Virtue’s Earth Angel Realms book. And as I said before, I can also perform a realm reading for you, if you want that confirmation.
But please remember to protect and shield yourself. Envision healing light from the Archangels surrounding you, as you share you love and light with those around you. Take care of yourself, while you tend to your loved ones. And never, ever, dim your light! Shine on like the divine being you are.
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