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The second realm in Doreen Virtue’s book, Earth Angel Realms, is called Incarnated Elementals.
As you may have guessed, the elemental realm is full of incarnated fairies, elves, pixies, gnomes, incarnated animals, and even unicorns!

Appearance of Elementals

You will find as we continue through the teaching of this concept, that most every realm literally does look like the beings that had been incarnated. For example, Incarnated Angels possess very loving eyes and sweet, angelic, faces. Therefore, Incarnated Elementals are going to look like little fairies or elves, etc. Doreen Virtue says that a lot of Incarnated Elementals have red in their hair, or that they may have freckles or some type of Celtic-originated appearance.
It is said that the eyes of Elementals are very playful and mischievous. They love to joke and entertain. Elementals are natural entertainers. They love to tell stories, and make people laugh.

Personality Traits of Incarnated Elementals

Elementals absolutely do not like authority, or being told what to do. This is one of the ways you can tell the difference between Incarnated Angels or Elementals. Incarnated Angels always, ALWAYS, listen to and follow the rules, whereas Incarnated Elementals LOVE to break them.
Incarnated Elementals also enjoy partying more than any other realm. They also may be more prone to addictions. This is another major difference between Incarnated Angels and Incarnated Elementals. Doreen Virtue says:

Incarnated Angels are codependents, while Elementals are the addicts. Elementals love to party; Angels love to rescue!

Now, this does not mean that Incarnated Elementals are doing anything “bad.” This just means that they know how to enjoy themselves, and always find the time to play. As long as they are not hurting themselves or the environment, let them party on!
Speaking of the environment, it is important to note that Incarnated Elementals LOVE, LOVE, LOVE animals and nature. Most Elementals feel that they would prefer the company of animals to humans. They also are very protective of nature and land. Doreen Virtue put it like this:

The Elementals were tired of humans’ assault on nature, animals, and the environment. They couldn’t make headway as tiny spiritual beings, so they elected to take on human lives and bodies to have more power and say-so in cleaning Earth’s air, water, and soil; and in helping the animals.

This also means that they love to spend a lot of time in nature. They simply cannot handle being cooped up indoors for too long! They need to be outside, or at least have lots of plants around their home or office to help them make it through the day.

Relationships for Elementals

As stated above, Elementals prefer the company of animals or plants to humans. They will get together with other humans for their parties, but they enjoy being left alone afterwards. They actually kind of prefer being alone, most of the time. Elementals are pretty shy or private and don’t reveal much about themselves to another unless they really trust that person.
When you have an Incarnated Elemental alone, this is when their guard drops and they become like clowns! Keep in mind that they love to entertain, so this factor can prove very beneficial within relationships that need more play.
It is important when in relationships, for Incarnated Elementals to learn how to open up. My partner and I are both Elemental blends (meaning we have other realms as well), and it used to be very difficult for us to communicate. It is something we have worked very hard on over the past couple years, and we are doing great! However, there are times where I know something is bothering him, and I must literally drag it out of him! So it is important to remember how keeping quiet about certain issues can be detrimental to you, as Incarnated Elemental, or to your partner who just wants to help, and be there for you.

Life Purpose of Elementals

Since they are such fabulous entertainers, Incarnated Elementals would make wonderful actors, musicians, comedians, artists, etc. And since they love nature, they would also do well in any kind of career focused on helping Mother Earth and her plants and animals. Seeing as Elementals don’t have a problem being in front of crowds, they also would be very good at motivational speaking, or speaking out for Mother Earth, doing environmentalism work. And on the other side, they would do well in careers such as veterinarian, dog-walker, petsitter, or groomer.

Last Words for Incarnated Elementals

If you feel like you may be an Incarnated Elemental, and would like a reading, please contact me. I would be very happy to assist you! If you are still not feeling either of the first two realms I discussed, just sit tight! There are still plenty of realms for us to delve into.
As an Incarnated Elemental Blend, I relate to most of the traits, although I am not much of a party-er. But I definitely do enjoy my alone time, and time with plants and animals! It’s interesting, because since I have learned more about myself through this concept, I notice the traits and vibes I have more and more each day. I work very close to a pet store, and a veterinarian, so I pass animals quite often. Every time I pass a dog, the dog literally pulls away from its owner to come see me. I think they must recognize the Elemental in me!
Please take care of yourselves, Elementals. Enjoy your fun party/sociable times, but also make time for recuperation in nature. Find time for dancing and yoga, and let your silly side out. Keep supporting your passions for animals and the environment. Let’s get others to be more mindful, as well! We’ve got a big job to do. And with the help of the other realms, I know we can make the world a better place.

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