The Realm of Starpeople

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The next realm from Doreen Virtue’s Earth Angel Realms book that we will be discussing is the Realm of Starpeople.

Who Are Starpeople?

Starpeople are exactly what you think: incarnated extra terrestrials.
Some of them had physical bodies in their previous lives, and some of them did not. Just because a planet does not appear to be able to hold physical or human life, does not mean there is not life there. Some Starpeople even came from stars, such as Sirius.
Starpeople have chosen, or were asked by Spirit, to come to Earth and help people. Planet Earth is seen by other universes, as a very dangerous place, heading for self-destruction. If Earth were to be destroyed, the negative energy coming from that, would have an extremely negative effect on the other universes. This is why Starpeople have been assigned to help Earth, and her people.

Traits of Starpeople

Starpeople are said to look otherworldly. Doreen Virtue says that their eyes are “unusual,” meaning that their color may be unusual, or their shape may be unusual. She also says that they seem to shine with an otherworldly light from within. She says that male Starpeople are thin and tall, and that females are usually short, being thin or more curvy.
Starpeople seem to be cold and distant. This is because for a lot of them, this is their very first time on Earth. They came here with a mission, and so they stay very focused on that, and don’t really make room for emotional ties. They may get married, and have many different types of relationships, but that is not their goal.  Doreen also said that most Starpeople are born to families of different realms, or they may not even be part of an Earth Angel Realm at all, so this makes growing up very difficult for Starpeople. Many of them feel very out of place and have an incredibly strong desire to “go home.”
Starpeople also prefer to go unnoticed, especially when they are trying to do their job, and help people. Doreen says they will enjoy just about any job where they are helping people, such as a grocery clerk, a landscaper, a hairstylist, etc. She also says that a lot of the Starpeople she has met had an interest in, or were, Reiki Masters. Starpeople are excellent healers, and enjoy working with their hands.
As far as personal time goes, Starpeople have a fascination with anything sci-fi, and they love, love, love, the latest technologies.
In personal relationships, Starpeople may still seem distant and cold. They do not like to openly talk about their feelings, as that does not seem as important to them as completing their tasks. Starpeople would definitely benefit from finding other Starpeople to connect with.

Last Words for Starpeople

Thank you, Starpeople, for electing to come to Earth to help her and her people. Thank you for performing tasks for us to help us out, and make life seem simpler, or more joyous. Please know that we are glad you came, and want you to stay! Remember to open up to those you care about more often. Don’t be afraid to let them know how you feel. Perhaps showing them that side of you will make them happy, and thus be a part of your task? Either way, keep being you, and know that we are very appreciative.

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  1. I have read about this and identified with some of it as I feel many of the qualities and traits. I think it’s amazing and fascinating to say the least. Thank you so much for sharing. Great post.

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed and can relate! There’s blends of realms with Starpeople, too, that I’ll be posting about after I finish the core realms. I wonder if you’ll relate any more with those? 🙂

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