Wise Ones: Reincarnated Sorceresses, High-Priestesses, Sorcerers, Wizards, Shamans, and Witches

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The next realm from Doreen Virtue’s concept I will be discussing is the Wise Ones.

Who Are the Wise Ones?

The Wise Ones are reincarnated sorceresses/sorcerers, witches, shamans, and high-priestesses. They have spent many lives guiding and teaching the people of Earth about spirituality, magic, prayer, astrology, etc. The Wise Ones have decided to incarnate once more, because they do not like what they see taking place on Earth. They have a deep love for their home, and they want to help make it a better place.

Role of a Wise One

Wise Ones have lots of knowledge inside, and they are aware of this. In most of their relationships, they turn into a teacher and their loved ones, or acquaintances become their students.
The Wise One realm is the very first realm that I felt a very strong connection with. And so I feel it is appropriate to teach about this realm, using some of my personal experiences.
As stated above, people tend to go to Wise Ones with all their problems. When I was a young child, other kids in school would always come to me for advice. This is something that carried into my teen and adult years, as well. I felt like a lot of people wanted me to be their counselor. I have no problem giving advice, in fact, I LOVE giving advice. I love incorporating my intuition and clairvoyance to give advice. But what starts to get irritating, for myself, and other Wise Ones, is the lack of balance. Sometimes Wise Ones feel like people only want to talk to them to relieve themselves of whatever problems are bringing them down. I have known people in the past who would come to me with their problems, but when I would try to talk about my own, they would shut me down quickly. Another problem I’ve experienced as a Wise One, is giving advice to people over and over, every time they ask, only to witness them NOT utilizing my advice. This is something that gets under my skin, but recently I have began telling myself that others have their own path to live, and I can give advice, but that I must leave it at that. What others choose is not my problem.

Wise One Traits

Wise Ones seem to be wise beyond their years, and typically feel much older than their actual age.They love Earth-based spirituality, such as tarot, astrology, and shamanism. They especially love movies and books based on medieval times. Sometimes they even tend to dress in a Renaissance-era-type way.
Doreen Virtue says:

When you look into the eyes of a Wise One, you see deep wisdom, knowingness, and often sorrow from witnessing the history of the Earth and humanity.

Wise Ones seem to be the only realm that saw its beginnings on Earth. Their energy is a lot heavier and more serious than the other realms, due to their many lives here. Many Wise Ones try to hide away their magical abilities because of the way they were treated for showing them in past lives.
There is also a very strong bond between the Wise Ones and Elementals, because the two worked side-by-side in many lives past. Some people get confused about which realm they might belong to, because of this. Sometimes Elementals have memories of seeing Wise Ones being burned at the stake, or what-have-you, and they may think they were the one being burned. This is where it would be beneficial to read about the realms again. (I am also offering realm readings on my Services page. Getting another’s opinion really does help when you want to know what realm you belong in. You may also be a blend of a few realms, which I actually discovered true about myself, from receiving a reading).

Romance for Wise Ones

Wise Ones long for very romantic and magical partners. A lot of times (this is also something I experienced), Wise Ones will hold off on having flings and whatnot, until they find their true soulmate. They want to be with someone they have known for many lifetimes, as they know how sacred these unions are.
In past lives, Wise Ones may have taken vows of celibacy or chastity. It is important to have this past karma cleared, so it will not interfere with current relationships. You can do this by meditating, and asking Archangel Michael to help clear you of these ties. You can also ask Archangel Raphael to help heal you from this karma.

Life Purpose of Wise Ones

As you can guess, Wise Ones are prone to having jobs like the ones they’ve performed in the past. You can find Wise Ones working as card readers, spiritual teachers, psychics, mediums, astrologers, and so on. Wise Ones are natural leaders, and so they don’t do well in jobs where they are not. People like to follow them, and are drawn in by their intimidation and the magical powers still inside them. It is important for Wise Ones to allow their magic to come through, and help heal the world, as they agreed to before incarnating once more.

Last Words for Wise Ones

As a hybrid Wise One, I know how easy it is to get depressed and scared when thinking about the state of the world. I have actively been training myself to not let things get to me, and to do my part to spread more love and light with everyone. It is vital that Wise Ones shield themselves from toxic energies, too. I know that I cannot handle being in wild and loud crowds. You can also ask the Archangels to protect you and shield you with their light, when you have to be somewhere that you know will make you uncomfortable. Remember to make room to play and laugh, to lighten yourself up from the heaviness of these days. And please make sure to incorporate time for your magical/spiritual powers. When I am not working on my  life path, I get very upset and depressed. As Wise Ones, we really need to keep working towards our purpose to avoid getting down on ourselves. Really, that goes for every Earth Angel realm. We all need to have an outlet and feel like we are doing our part. That is why we are here, after all.

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