Knights Paladin & Galactic Knights

The second blended realm from Doreen Virtue’s, Earth Angel Realms, that I will be discussing is Knights Paladin and Galactic Knights.

Who Are The Knights?

So as you can see, there are two different names here. One is Knights Paladin and one is Galactic Knights. Let’s start with Knights Paladin.
Knights Paladin is a subcategory of Wise Ones. Their name, Paladin, means:

magical or holy knight who crusades in the name of upholding goodness and order

So these were magical knights in the days of the Wise Ones, who used magic to complete their quests.
Knights Paladin are half Wise One and half Incarnated Angel, just like Mystic Angels. However, while Mystic Angels represent the healing side of angels, Knights Paladin represent the protector and guardian side of angels. Therefore, Knights feel a strong connection with Archangel Michael, the protector.
On the other hand, we have Galactic Knights. Can you guess the realms that blend to form this one? If you guessed Starpeople as one, then you are correct! Galactic Knights are actually 1/3 Starperson, 1/3 Incarnated Angel, and 1/3 Wise One. Okay, so keep in mind all those realms, here. We have Starpeople, whose souls originated among the stars, we have Wise Ones, who have been on Earth for the majority of their incarnations, and we have angels who protect and guide us. All three of those realms want to protect the Earth, so your Galactic Knight feels very strongly about this.

Knight Traits

Both versions of the Knights are said to be tall, with excellent posture. Doreen Virtue says that their eyes show someone who is intense, focused, and body-guard-like. They are excellent guards of other’s secrets, and will do anything to protect the ones they love.
In relationships, this is even more so. Knights are the most loyal partners and their significant others can always rely on them. Knights need to be careful not to over-protect their partners, though. Since a Knight is always on guard, they get too protective of their partners, and try to make decisions for them. As a Knight, just remember to be there to support and love your partner. As a partner of a Knight, just let them know that you need their love and support, but they don’t need to be worried, or over-protective of you.
And just like the other realms, they are fascinated by stories of Knights of the Round Table, or the Jedi-knights in Star Wars.

Life Purpose of Knights

Knights are drawn to careers where there is order, and where they are doing what they do best: protecting.
Lots of Knights will hold careers in the military, as police officers, firefighters, security guards, etc. Anywhere that a Knight will feel they are performing their knightly duties, really! Following a spiritual path is also very important for Knights. They will find comfort in protecting themselves with energy shields, or praying for the protection of the Earth, and their loved ones.

Last Words for Knights

We thank you, Knights Paladin and Galactic Knights, for electing to incarnate once more for our protection. Thank you for the service work you do, here on Earth, and thank you for the protective energy you send out for us. Make sure you fit some time into your days to put your guard down, a little. We want you to be safe and happy, just as you want us to be.

Adobe Spark (18)

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