Aladdin Genies

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The next blended realm that I will be discussing is called Aladdin Genies. Any guesses as to their origins?

Who are Aladdin Genies?

Aladdin Genies are a blended realm discovered by Doreen Virtue, and can be read about in her book, Earth Angel Realms.
If you have been following along with my own Earth Angel Series, you are probably starting to get a good feel of the core realms and their traits. I’m sure you can even guess the realms in this blend.
Aladdin Genies are a blend of Wise Ones, Incarnated Angels, and Incarnated Elementals. Doreen Virtue refers to them as the fairies of the desert. Aladdin Genies are a very magical, sweet, and entertaining realm. They have a fiery passion for all that they do, so others are attracted to them very easily. Another reason others are drawn to them? Aladdin Genies are excellent at granting wishes for others. They are amazing manifesters who know how to bring their thoughts into reality. Doreen Virtue says the eyes of an Aladdin Genie:

…twinkle with magic and a faraway look into the future possibilities for us all.

Life of Aladdin Genies

Aladdin Genies are very nomadic, and they like to move around a lot. I can think of a friend of mine who I think could be in this realm, and she definitely moves a lot! I have known her for five years, and she has moved three times in that period. We also live in Arizona, the desert. Doreen says that Aladdin Genies prefer to live in the desert or in hotter areas. They do not like being cold or being wet!
As far as careers go, Aladdin Genies would make excellent counselors, psychics, spiritual advisers, and life coaches. This is funny to me, because I work with my Aladdin Genie friend. She actually runs a Kumon center (which is an academic enrichment program) and I basically help her run her business. So we work with children every day. All the time parents of our students come in, and I watch her counsel them! I always laugh at her and tell her she should rent the space next door to start counseling in during our class hours!
Aladdin Genies are also great entertainers and storytellers, because of their Elemental influence. Therefore, they would make entertaining teachers, musicians, writers, actors, and dancers. So perhaps my friend did choose a good career path. She does love to teach our students!
And in relationships, Aladdin Genies must pay close attention to the balance of their giving and receiving. Since they are part Incarnated Angel, and they love granting wishes for people, they have a tendency to give too much and get nothing or very little in return. The balanced Aladdin Genie must realize that although they want to make everyone happy, and they do know what is best for others most of the time, they have to let go of that control, and understand that everyone has their own path to take.

Last Words for Aladdin Genies

I truly do believe that Aladdin Genies see the beauty and passion in everything life has to offer. They know how to help others, and they know exactly what to say to the people who need them. We thank you, Aladdin Genies, for incarnating with us all, once more. Remember to balance your give and take. But also know that we appreciate all the wishes you make come true, and we recognize this kind of love and magic is necessary for our people right now. Thank you for showing us the beauty in positive thinking and Law of Attraction.

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