Realm of Atlanteans

The next blended realm from Doreen Virtue’s Earth Angel Realms, is the realm of Atlanteans.

Who Are Atlanteans?

Atlanteans literally are those who lived in Atlantis, a long long time ago. They are a blend of Wise One, Incarnated Angel, and Starperson.
The Atlanteans have chosen to incarnate on Earth once more to help prevent an end to Earth, like the tragic ending they witnessed in their beloved Atlantis. As Doreen Virtue puts it:

(Atlantis) sank when a few corrupt government leaders decided to use the power of sunlight directed through crystals like a laser, to overtake landmasses. Unfortunately, their weapons backfired, and sent their own continent to the bottom of the sea.

Traits of an Atlantean

Because of their memories in Atlantis, Atlanteans have an extreme fear of drowning. They also feel a very powerful connection to dolphins. As opposed to some of the other realms, who feel strong connections to Archangels and Angels, Atlanteans can easier relate to the Ascended Masters, such as Jesus, Buddha, Isis, etc. This is because many of the survivors ended up in places like Greece, Egypt, Mexico and Peru. Therefore, they tend to be drawn towards principals, and even clothing styles of those eras.
Atlanteans are said to be very proper, with excellent posture. Doreen Virtue says their eyes:

…are wise, knowing, and filled with faith in the magic of tapping into the Universe’s gifts.

Life Purpose 

Atlantis was an extremely evolved civilization. They used solar energy for aerial travel, healing, and daily living. Therefore, incarnated Atlanteans today seem to be obsessed with ridding the world of fossil fuel and nuclear energy use. They strongly believe in using solar energy to power our planet.
Atlanteans would  make great leaders in groups and charities that support the beliefs above, or environmental causes. With their Wise One influence, they could be great teachers of these subjects. With their Starperson and Angel influence, they would make excellent energy healers. Also coming from their Starperson influence, is their love of sci-fi and technology. So they would do well making inventions to help their causes.

Last Words for Atlanteans

Atlanteans, we thank you for incarnating with us once more. We appreciate the knowledge about our governments, environments, and energies that you have come to share with us. Thank you for being an example of integrity and strong leadership morals for us. Remember to share of yourselves with your loved ones, and take time to unwind after all your hard work.

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2 thoughts on “Realm of Atlanteans

  1. It’s odd for me – I fit the traits of a Wise One, an Incarnated Angel, and a Starseed individually. I love swimming and I love going down by the ocean.

    I understand that Atlantis is particularly of Greek origin, and I love learning about both Greek and Egyptian gods and goddesses. When someone mentions Greek gods, I immediately think of Poseidon.

    However, I never really thought of Atlantis before learning about Atlanteans, nor have I really thought about helping the Earth rather than the Earth’s people. Also, I have really bad posture, haha.

    I just thought it was interesting.

    1. Haha I love your comment because I feel that a lot of us tend to be a mixture of the realms. I am a mixture of 3 myself. But it is very cool to see how it all connects! Definitely don’t focus on the posture thing. Haha I find that not all of the appearance stuff is true for everyone. All of your past lives play a role in who you are and why you look or act or feel a certain way. It is all so interesting and beautiful to unfold! Love and light!

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