Incarnated Cherubs

The next blended realm from Doreen Virtue’s, Earth Angel Realms, that I will be discussing is Incarnated Cherubs.

Who are Incarnated Cherubs?

Incarnated Cherubs are one half Incarnated Angel, and one half Starperson. They have taken on the assignment of spreading love to the Earth’s people. They LOVE to make others happy, which comes from their Incarnated Angel side. But what makes them different from Incarnated Angels, is that Cherubs also love to make themselves happy. And from their Starperson side, they receive the love of helping people. This is why they make excellent matchmakers, when it comes to romance.
Doreen Virtue says:

When you look into the eyes of an Incarnated Cherub, you see beauty, love, and a childlike awe of life (and usually lots of eye makeup and long eyelashes).

This is because Cherubs like to put a lot of work into their appearance. They spend lots of time styling their hair, plucking their eyebrows, and going to the spa. They want to look and feel beautiful. They want to see beauty all around them. They even tend to decorate their homes with Victorian-era things, to really show their romantic side.

Relationships for Incarnated Cherubs

Incarnated Cherubs love love love romance. They easily fall in love, and are very broken when they are not in love. They must be careful when choosing romantic partners, as they tend to see people through rose-tinted lenses, as opposed to really seeing someone for who they are. They also tend to be in and out of a lot of relationships because of this. Incarnated Cherubs have an idea of the “perfect” romantic partner in their head. So when someone does not meet their standards, the Cherub tends to drop them pretty quickly. But when they do fall in love with the right person, and the right person feels mutually, the romance will be very fulfilling.

Life Purpose of Incarnated Cherubs

It’s no surprise that Incarnated Cherubs would make excellent marriage counselors, or writers of romance novels. And because of their love of beauty, they would make excellent interior decorators, cosmetologists, personal shoppers or stylists, etc. Any type of job where they can have fun, bringing romance or beauty, and happiness to their clients will be beneficial to them.

Last Words for Incarnated Cherubs

Cherubs, we thank you for incarnating once more to bring more love and beauty to our world. Thank you for showing us that we must love ourselves in order to love others. Remember not to be too hard on your romantic partners and try to see them for who they are. Keep spreading the love!

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