8 Ways to Practice Mindfulness

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We live in a world full of passion, but never compassion. Demanding, but never understanding. Sympathy, but not empathy.
As Divine sparks of light, and part of the human race, it is important for us to be aware of our actions and our reactions to things. It is important to note that not everyone is in the same boat as us, and many people have lots of things going on in their lives that we know nothing about. Here is a list of ways you can incorporate mindfulness into your daily life.
1. Avoid making assumptions.

I know that this is one everyone has heard at some point in their life, whether in a joking or a serious manner. But how many of us actually follow this? An assumption is usually something that comes out of anger or at least from a state of being put-off in some way. Assumptions are usually incorrect, hurt the person they’re about, and can even hurt you.

2. Be friendly.

We come into contact with lots of different people on a daily basis. We must recognize that we don’t know what is going on in their lives. It is important to be friendly to the people we meet, no matter what. Think about servers or baristas you have seen people snap on. Maybe both of them were having bad days prior to that moment. But continuing to spread that negative emotion is never a good idea.

3. Practice meditation.

Meditation is a way to escape from reality, in a beneficial way. Silencing your mind, and paying attention to your own breath and body can work wonders for your mood, or anxieties. Even ten minutes of silence, or guided meditation, can do the trick. And not only will it help you to get to know your body more, it may even help you uncover the answer to something you were wondering about.

4. Thank the Universe.

The universe is a vast place, loaded with lots of different beings and energies. I try to thank the universe every morning for all it has given me or helped me with. Showing gratitude to the universe and our lives will help manifest more of what we want in our days.

5. Be creative.

Creativity is the ultimate way to express yourself. It is vital as a human, that you find hobbies and ways to express who you are. Through taking part in creative exercises, and sharing your work with others, you will gain broader perceptions on what is happening in the world. And this will help you to be more understanding.

6. Listen.

How often do you see people jumping on each other and into arguments? Do you find yourself getting into arguments, or trying to defend yourself against someone? It is important that we learn how to communicate. How to hear others’ opinions, and how to express our own, without putting one another down.

7. Express your joy.

If you are feeling happy, let it be contagious! Sometimes there is nothing more inspiring to me than seeing other people excited about what is going on in their lives. In fact, seeing other people happy and successful is what motivated me to get working on my dreams. See what I mean?

8. Don’t be afraid.

There are lots of things going on today that are causing lots of stress for everyone. A lot of my family and friends are very unhappy with what they are seeing in politics, education, and around the world in general. It is so, so, imperative that we do not live in fear energy. When we are stuck in a fearful energy, that is what we are putting out into the world. Instead of preventing negative things from happening, we are actually manifesting them. So this actually has double meaning: don’t be afraid of what’s going on around you, and don’t be afraid to be a positive, shining light, who spreads love and joy wherever they go.

I hope you enjoyed my mindfulness list. If you found this list to be helpful, please don’t hesitate to share it with friends! Sharing our thoughts on mindfulness, happiness, and love, is how we will start to see more positive change in the world.

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