Why I was Called

Today I was reminded of why I was called to serve Mother Earth and her people.
Some of you may know as I have mentioned before, that I work at Kumon. Kumon is a world-wide academic enrichment program that has been helping children succeed for over fifty years. I run the front desk (and basically the office) for a locally owned Kumon Center. I am very blessed to have had this job for five years. My anniversary is actually this month, on the 16th.
Anyway, I love my boss, and I love the children I am so blessed to know, very much. The children enrich my life in ways I would have never imagined. Tonight I was actually talking classic rock with an 11 year old boy, who dreams of being a rockstar. I gave him a list of my favorite bands to look up. He told me he would let me know how he likes them on Monday, when he comes to class next. He also said he would come with a list for me. Too cute!
But earlier this afternoon, as we were opening our center, a young African American girl was talking with her brother, as I was finishing up my last duties before class. She was telling us about how the girls at school are mean to her. This girl must be about seven or eight years old. She was telling me some of the rude things her classmates said to her (mind you these are kids from her public school, not Kumon). After she told me something they said to her, she quietly said, “It’s because I’m dark skinned…you know, black.”
I turned around and looked at her and exclaimed, “WHAT?”
She said, “Yeah…I wanted to use their Chapstick, because I always let them use mine, but she said I couldn’t use hers because I am black.”
I replied, “She said that to you?! Did you tell your teacher?!”
She shook her head no.
I said, “Did you tell your mom?”
She again shook her head no. And she told me she was afraid to tell on them because they would be even more mean to her if she did.
I was absolutely appalled by this.
I went on to tell her that she needs to tell her mom and her teacher about this because in no way is that okay. I told her she does not deserve to be treated like that. I told her that if they don’t want to be her friend, that is their problem, and she doesn’t need that. She only stared at me.
I came home and told my boyfriend the story. He said, “It’s 2017…”
I said, “I know, that’s what I was thinking…”
I cannot believe that this is still something people are dealing with in the year 2017. I cannot believe that a seven or eight year old is dealing with this problem in school. I cannot believe that the parents of the other children have NOT taught their kids that this is not an okay way to behave.
I was quite upset when this took place, and I still am. I was very angry that this would happen to one of my students. But then it dawned on me: this is why I am vowing to spread more love and light to the world. This is why I have incarnated on Earth. I am here to help these children. I am here to show them their own beauty and strength. I am here to prevent them from becoming negative adults, who spread hatred. I am here to help reverse those patterns in people who are already adults.
I am exited to keep spreading the word on this site. I am excited to go to the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and learn more about my cause. Who would have thought that by 2017 we wouldn’t be seeing more love and less hate?
Well, we’re gonna change that. Let us revamp this New Age, in Old Ways.

Adobe Spark (34)

How do you feel about this story? Is there a way we can better teach our children about differences (similarities) between humans? Find me on Facebook or Instagram and let me know what you think. Love & light.

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  1. I can relate to this story Morg. One of my nieces attends public school and she was being teased/bullied last yr. We got that straightened out but during the time, she didn’t want tell her parents. One of the reasons so many of us are here is to spread love and awaken others. Thanks for sharing!! ~ Bernice

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