Southwest Institute of Healing Arts: First Visit

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So today I took the long adventure out to Tempe, Arizona, to visit the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, my new school.
The drive was not too bad, but took very long, and ate up a lot of gas. Luckily, it was in the high 80’s today, so it was not too hot in the car. But it was definitely warm.  A month form now and it would have been God awful.
But anyway, the school was much smaller than I remember it being, back in 2004, when I first visited. Of course, I was 9, then, so…crazy how perception changes as we grow.
The receptionist was very friendly. She gave me my book card and sent me to the Healing Pages Bookstore, where I was to go to get my book for my first class.
The store itself was small, but there were so many cool things in there! I saw many new card decks that I would love to have. I also saw some beautiful crystal necklaces, that I need to go back and get. They had an Archangel Michael one, which I feel like I need.
There were two women in there. One was a little older, and one was closer to my age. The younger one talked about how she is studying Reiki. She reminded me of a Starperson (and Starpeople make excellent Reiki Masters), so that made a lot of sense. She went on to tell me about the mystical and magical things that have happened to her since going to and working at the school. She also began talking about how quickly the Universe manifests things when you really start to pay attention. I felt like that was something I needed to hear. It was something that I knew, and something that I have been trying to pay more attention to, and show more gratitude for. So hearing it was a nice reminder to stay on track.
The other woman was very friendly and helped me get my books. She found one that had been used, so I took that one for 50% off. I found out once I got in the car that 15 pages in the middle of the book are upside down. That must be why it was returned. But that is fine with me, I can deal.
But I told them the story of how my mom almost enrolled in SWIHA thirteen years ago and the older woman laughed and said, “Now here you are! Isn’t it interesting how life moves in full circle?”
I loved that she said that. I had written a short post basically about that, recently, titled, Spirals of Life. So again, it was nice to be reminded of that. And it was nice to sort of have someone else point out my journey. It made me feel that I am on the right path. I know that I am, but the encouragement is definitely still something that I need.
So I got my book, and got some “Magic Gels,” from the shop that help with various pains and skin ailments. I’m excited to try those. My boyfriend was just complaining about early arthritis yesterday, and was asking me what essential oils could help with it. I was thrilled to find a Magic Gel that said it was specifically for arthritis, the next day for him. The Universe does manifest as soon as you ask, eh?
I was feeling very good and excited to get started by the time I got home. I’m still unclear on what this all will lead to, but I am sure this is where I belong. Class starts Monday.
Have a great evening,

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