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Life in Full Circle

As some of you may know, I live in Arizona. In Arizona, everything is very open. We have “outdoor” shopping malls. All of our apartments buildings have similar structure. Our hallways in our apartment building are outside. They provide coverage from the sun, but they are outside. So, the same goes for the stairwell leading up to my apartment.
In the stairwell, there is a window. Over the past year and a half that we have lived here, we have seen a few birds get stuck in the window. They keep trying to fly out through the window, but there is glass there, blocking them. And they don’t realize that they can turn around and go back out the way they came in. So they repeatedly hit their beaks into the window. We inform the office when we see that happen and I assume they take care of it.
One day a few months ago, we were leaving our apartment and saw a hummingbird trapped in the window. This absolutely broke my heart. We stood there (my boyfriend, Taylor, and I) and tried to talk to it, and guide it towards us. We looked around to see if there was any way to reach him, but there was nothing. And he was too far away for us to reach him by hand. We watched him hover and hit the glass. Then finally, he stopped, and slowly fell down to the perch. I watched his breathing get very heavy, and then he passed on.
I was so devastated. And his body stayed there for a few months. No one from the office or maintenance came to get him. Every time I would pass his body, I would send love and healing energy his way. Then one day recently, I noticed he was gone. I was glad that I wouldn’t have to see him deteriorate any further. But I was sad to think about what they did with him.
Then this week, I was sitting on my balcony, and saw a hummingbird fly by. I smiled and said hello. She flew around a bit more and then disappeared. I saw her again the next day. I noticed she landed on a branch nearby. She took off again.
A few days later, I was sitting out there with my boyfriend, when I noticed there was a small nest on the branch I had seen her land on. It was very small and not too close to my balcony, so I was unsure if I was actually seeing what I thought I was. I said something to Taylor about how I might be seeing a nest, and right as I finished saying so, she came back and landed in her nest. I was so excited to see her! I said to Taylor, “Look, they wanted to show us that life continues to move on. They did this for us!” He smiled.
I really do feel that way. The Animal Kingdom is very in tune with humans. I know I have a strong connection to animals, as I have had some interesting experiences over the past few years. Arizona makes it easy, of course. We see a lot of wildlife out here. Regardless, I do feel like the hummingbirds wanted us to see that they are okay. Perhaps they knew how much we felt for the one who passed in the window, and so they want to bless us with the witness of two new births.
I did some research and discovered hummingbirds lay two eggs, and that they take about two weeks to hatch. Every time I see the mother in her nest, I say hello to her and ask her how she is. I’m thinking about getting a hummingbird feeder to put on my balcony, that way she has a food option nearby. I’m so excited to see the babies when they’re born!

Hummingbird Message

I have always known that hummingbirds are a symbol of joy. I learned that many years ago, when I first started looking into animal messages. But today I referenced a great book I have called, Animal Teachings, by Dawn Burke. Inside, she writes:

Hummingbird teaches us to explore, adapt, savor the present moment, and appreciate the wonder and sweetness of life. With Hummingbird, we acknowledge the good in people. By sharing our feelings, we awaken their inner beauty and so spread the wealth of joy.

This is very important to me, as I have been learning how to do that over the past year. I am beginning my new journey at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, and I know I will be awakening my own inner beauty, and that of others, as I move along my path.
Adobe Spark (38)
I love this magical story very much. It makes me feel extremely blessed. I am so glad that the hummingbirds returned to us, but also that she felt safe enough to have her babies near our home. And this is another example of how life moves in full circle. I love how much that has been coming up lately, too.

Have you had any magical experiences with hummingbirds? How about any enlightening experiences with the rest of the Animal Kingdom?
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