Mystic Stars & Cosmic Angels

The next realm from Doreen Virtue’s, Earth Angel Realms, is called: Mystic Stars and Cosmic Angels.

Mystic Stars are a blend of the Starpeople and Wise Ones realms, while Cosmic Angels are a blend of the Starpeople and Incarnated Angel realms.

You might be a Mystic Star or Cosmic Angel if you have these qualities:

Adobe Spark (37)

The eyes are very important when deciphering what realm you, or someone else might be from. Doreen Virtue says;

Mystic Stars have very exotic, different-looking eyes that reflect their serious, somber, and intense passion for teaching. Females may have the Starperson penchant fro plucking or tattooing their eyebrows thinly or unusually.

And about Cosmic Angels:

…have a faraway knowingness, an ungrounded look, and helpful concern in their eyes.

Life Purpose for Mystic Stars & Cosmic Angels

Mystic Stars are natural-born teachers, which they receive from their Wise One side. They also love to learn. The more they learn the more they can teach. And because of their Starperson side, they are very determined, hard-workers; basically workaholics. A good path choice for them would be study and perform Reiki. Folks with Starpeople influences can easily access the Reiki energy, so they are natural healers. But they will have excellent success in pretty much any business or career path that they choose, as long as they can learn how to connect with people, and overcome their Starperson shyness.

Relationships for Mystic Stars & Cosmic Angels

Both blends are extremely sensitive, and have natural empathic abilities. This means they can strongly feel the energy around them, as most of the Earth Angel Realms can. Mystic Stars have the seriousness of Wise Ones, and the tendency to talk at their partners and family members, as opposed to speaking with them. It is important for Mystic Stars to take a break from always working, studying, and teaching. They must allow themselves some fun, and spend some time in the present moment.

Cosmic Angels tend to let their loved ones take and take, getting very little in return. This is because as part Starperson, they love to help others. And because of their Incarnated Angel influence, they are always trying to heal their loved ones. The Cosmic Angel must be very careful, not to give too much of themselves away. They must find the balance in between give and take, and always give themselves time to rejuvenate.

Last Words for Mystic Stars & Cosmic Angels

Mystic Stars and Cosmic Angels, we thank you for incarnating once more and providing us with your gifts and graces. To feel some relief from the pressures of the world, spend some time gazing at the night stars. Allow yourself to enter a meditative state, and perhaps study astral projection. Finding a way to connect with your home planet or solar system will make things easier for you here. But always remember to ground yourself once returning. Your duties are here, so make the most of your time. Get your work done, and make room for plenty of play-time.

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