Creating Safe Space

Safe space, or sacred space, is the space created between two or more individuals with a common goal: to listen to each other.

What is safe space?

Safe space is created by the energy of the individuals involved. This concept is used among life coaches, who speak with clients regularly. As a life coach, you want your client to be calm and comfortable. You need your client to feel safe, so that they will open up to you, share their feelings, and begin the healing session. And vice versa, as a life coach, you need to speak to your client from a place of love and understanding. In a safe place, each person honors the other’s feelings and opinions, but does not approach each other in a judgmental way.

Why create safe space?

How often does a family member, child, or friend of yours come to you for advice? How do you approach them? If you take the time to create a safe place, of love and understanding, the experience will be more beneficial for all.
Before you sit with a loved one to discuss each other’s feelings, actively think about the components of a safe space. Center your mind and align your emotions. Remember that the other individual is just that: an individual. 
You may even ask the person you are meeting with to do the same. Doing this will help both parties to truly connect, and hear what the other is saying.
We are living in a society that desperately needs more love and understanding. What better place to begin than with our own direct circles?

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Journal Questions:

  1. How else can I create a safe space?
  2. Can you think of a time when you and a loved one had a conversation in a safe space? How about conversations that took place outside of a safe space?
  3. How can I talk to my loved ones about the things that are troubling me from a place of love?

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