The Realm of Merpeople

The next realm from Doreen Virtue’s, Earth Angel Realms book that I will be discussing is called: Merpeople. Can you guess what they’re all about?

Who are Merpeople?

Merpeople are a blend from the Elemental Realm. They are incarnated mermaids, who have come to Earth to help protect the ocean, her inhabitants, and the world’s water supply. There are a few different types of Merpeople, which I will post about later.
Doreen Virtue says that most Merpeople have green eyes, or green tints in their eyes, and red hair, or red tints in their hair. She actually conducted a survey, and found that most female Merpeople had curly or wavy hair, which they wore long, and had red highlights in it. She also discovered that most of the Merpeople surveyed were constantly thirsty, and always had water with them. She also found that many of them were always cold, even in warm weather.
You might be a Merperson if:
Adobe Spark (42)

Life Purpose for Merpeople

As stated above, Merpeople care deeply for the ocean and sea animals. So even if they do not have a career working with these things, they enjoy doing activism work for these topics. They may have blogs, or start petitions, or organize protest rallies, to make the importance of our oceans and sea life known. Jobs that would be good for them include scuba/swim instruction, leading dolphin/whale sighting groups, or even playing a mermaid for a child’s birthday party! And of course, Merpeople are, naturally, happiest by the ocean. They must live near the ocean to feel sane!

Relationships for Merpeople

Merpeople can be “slippery fish,” who go in and out of relationships, without looking back. They have known betrayal from humans before, so this makes them guarded and not willing to trust. It may take a while for them to feel comfortable with others, or settle down romantically. It is important to be patient when trying to connect with a Merperson. They are very friendly and warm people, but they want to keep their independence and protect themselves.

Last Words for Merpeople

Merpeople, we thank you for incarnating on Earth once more. We are grateful for the work that you do with our waters, and sea friends. Remember to let people in, to fully experience life as a human. Maybe someone out there can help you with your mission? And make sure you get lots of beach days in!

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