Types of Fairies & Other Elementals

For those of you who have been following my posts, you know that I have been talking about Doreen Virtue’s, Earth Angel Realms, book. For those of you just popping in, Earth Angels are incarnated light-beings, who have come to Earth to teach about or accomplish a certain mission. The core realms are Incarnated Angels, Incarnated Elementals, Starpeople, and Wise Ones. Many of us feel that we are here to serve a higher purpose, and if you do, you are most likely an Earth Angel!
Over the past few weeks, I have talked about all the core realms, and the blended realms that have come from the original four. Today, I am going even farther into the different blends of Elementals. 

Who Are the Elementals?

Elementals are your friendly fairies, elves, pixies, and so on. Their main concern is with protecting the Earth’s forests and wildlife. They have an extreme love for animals and plants. Elementals want nothing but to be in nature, and help her to flourish. They understand how important our Mother Earth is, and get very angry when people mistreat her.
There are many different types of elementals in the Elemental Realm. They all have a unique purpose, and all help serve our planet.


Forest Fairies: These are the fairies that absolutely love trees, and even form special bonds with them! Forest fairies are the ones who will speak up and out the most when they hear someone is harming nature.
Flower Fairies: These fairies are the ones who love and protect flowers! They are very shy and super sweet.
Star Fairies: This is a hybrid of Starpeople and Incarnated Elementals. They tend to be a bit awkward, socially, but they have very big hearts and love to help people. These fairies care for plant life on other planets.
MerFairies:  This realm is a blend of Merpeople and the Incarnated Elemental realm. These fairies have a special bond with bodies of water. They care deeply for water conservation.
Leprechauns: This realms is a blend of Wise Ones and Incarnated Elementals. They are entertainers and love to make people laugh!

Do you feel like you could fit into any of these blends? How about the other realms in my Earth Angel Series? I am offering Earth Angel Realm Readings on my Services page. If you would like help deciphering your realm, please contact me!
If you feel like you may be in the Elemental Realm . . .

  • Remember to be careful with your thoughts and actions, as you are a powerful manifestor, and what you think about comes into being very rapidly!
  • Take time to play and do things you like to do! Make sure to spend time in nature to replenish yourself.
  • Don’t be afraid to be yourself! You are a Divine light-being, and you have a special gift to share with the world!

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8 thoughts on “Types of Fairies & Other Elementals

  1. I saw some kind of elemental creature once. In broad daylight. I did a test of logical debunking, but still can’t expalin it away, or justify it. (So, the jury’s still out.) I was leaving a parking lot at my rural school. You know how when you see movement or a cat or something out of the corner of your eye?–well, that’s what I saw. So I turned to look at it full on, and it was this short figure in greenish brownish orange garb, and it was skipping along the hedge. I looked away and looked at it again, and it was still there, so I did another test. I both tracked it with my eyes, and then looked at a fixed spot to see if it moved out of vision range. Which it did. So as I continued to study it, though, it faded against the hedge until it was camouflaged. For a little while I could see the outline, and then I lost track of it visually all together. I have no idea how else to debunk what I saw, so it remains a mystery.

    1. Oh my goodness, that is the coolest! I have never seen anything quite like that. I have seen lights and stuff, but never an image so clear. You have to tell me if you have an experience like that again!

      1. Okay! It was crazy that it was so realistic (btw I wasn’t partaking of anything that would have caused said vision! LOL) Had a couple other interesting experiences, but still trying to figure out “rational” explanation for those as well. LOL. 🙂

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