Five Themes of Primal Religions You Should Practice Now

Primal Religions, or nature religions, are those that have become kind of romanticized, as of late. We think of tribes as wild men and women, running around, and chanting, with strange clothes and instruments.
Or on the other hand, we speak of ancient tribes in high regards, and whisper of the knowledge they had to share. We dream of obtaining secrets of the universe, but we immediately shut ourselves down, and say it is something we can never have.
But we can…
Here is a list of five primal religious themes you should start practicing:
1. Orality
Primal religions are known for not having much recorded on their beliefs. This is because they have passed on knowledge and stories about their tribes for centuries. I think it’s important to pass on family knowledge and beliefs. In the world we live in, we need to communicate with different people to learn different points of view. Connection is the point of being human!
2. Sacred Space
It is common among primal religions to have a sacred space to go to, to meditate, pray, perform rituals, etc. I think we all need a place that we feel safe, where we can connect to ourselves, and to others, in a loving and empathetic way.
3. Time in Nature
Recently, I have not been able to stress enough how important it is to spend time in nature. And by nature, I don’t mean you have to walk three miles into a forest. Just being outside by plants and trees will do! In nature, we can clear our minds, and walk away with an answer to a question, that we did not have before.
With nature, I mean animals too. Animals, like plants, have a lot of wisdom to pass onto us. Notice the animals that cross your path. Spend time with your pets. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated! And we all need a little play time to brighten our days.
4. Holistic Healing
Shamans and druids have turned to nature for centuries, seeking its healing properties. There is a myriad of plants, herbs, and essential oils to help you heal almost anything, even issues that are emotional or spiritual. I try to learn about as many of these secrets as I can, and they have definitely proved themselves true to me. (Keep in mind that seeing a doctor for serious health concerns should always be top priority). But holisitc and alternative ways of healing can be of great assistance to doctor’s orders.
5. Call on the Divine
There are so many angels, archangels, spirit animals, guides, fairies, and ascended masters just waiting in the wings to help you! It is so important that you find out which ones seem to be in best alignment with you, and call on them. They can help you with pretty much anything you ask of them, but only if you ask. As I’ve grown as an empath and strengthened my intuition, I have been noticing the messages and nudges from my guides more and more. Now, I can’t imagine my life without them!

Journal Questions

  1. Which one of these themes resonates best with me?
  2. Do I already incorporate these themes in my daily life? If so, which ones?
  3. Which theme(s) would I most like to incorporate?

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