Monday Mantra: 4/17/17

Adobe Spark (23)

How often do you show appreciation to your body?

Our bodies are our temples. They are always working to keep us healthy, and to keep us going.
Today, repeat this mantra, and keep it in mind throughout the day. Thank your body for functioning properly. Connect with your body through deep breathing and stretching. Feed your body something healthy and nutrient rich.
When we treat our bodies as part of us, like they truly are, as opposed to something with a  mind of its own, we are more comfortable, and healthier. When we keep our thoughts about our bodies positive, we are likely to have less health problems, appearance insecurities, and have more confidence and energy.
Have a blessed day!

What do you think?

-How can you change your thoughts to keep them more positive?
– What are ways you like to connect with your body?
-The body picks up signals and vibes from people and places. Has there been a time when your body told you of something and it helped you out?

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