The Universe & You

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The Universe

I am coming to you today, from a place of love.
And I have a question for you: have you ever felt like everything you try to do, just doesn’t go your way?
The universe is a vast, deep, and intricate place. What you put out there, comes back to you. What you ask for, comes to you.
Have you ever wanted something very badly, but it didn’t work out for you?
Ponder this.

Your Commitment

When we are committed to the things we want, or the things we dream of, the universe gives us its unlimited support. The key word being, committed.
Is it possible that somewhere in your past, you only thought you wanted something? Maybe you thought you wanted this something a whole lot, but it never came to you. This is where we must reexamine our commitment.
Our higher selves know our path. Our intuition tells us where we should be and where we shouldn’t be. It tells us what we need, what we truly desire, and what we are meant to do, and not.
When we are following a path that we are not meant for, the universe lets us know. Boy, does it let us know…
But when we are in alignment with our inner knowing of what is best for us, the universe supports us, no matter what. It is important to connect with yourself, and your desires. It is important to know what you really want to accomplish or experience in life. Once you find the power and confidence within yourself, nothing can ever hold you back.

What do you think?

-Have you had experiences like this in your life before? What were you doing and where did it lead you?
-Do you trust in yourself and the universe to guide you? How can you build that trust?
-When was the last time you reevaluated your goals? Is there something you are holding onto that no longer serves your purpose? Is there something else that has been calling your name lately?

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