Earth Day Prayer


As Earth Day 2017 comes to an end, let us each take a moment to send Mother Earth some good energy.

Today was a beautiful day. I hope that you all got to spend a little time in nature. I went for a short walk this morning, and spent the afternoon observing the beautiful birds that visit the tree by my balcony.

I want to be able to do more for Earth, though.

This has led me to the writing of this prayer of gratitude for our mother. This prayer can be said anywhere, either spoken aloud or repeated in your head. As long as you set the intention, and focus on sending good energy, this prayer will be heard by Mother Earth.

Adobe Spark (50)

After you set the intention and share these words with our Earth, sit with it for a moment. How did this exercise make you feel? Do you feel a stronger bond forming between you and the Earth? How can you further deepen this bond, and what can you do for the animals, plants, or wildlife in your environment?

Have a blessed evening!



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