Card Reading: 4/23-4/29

This week, I have chosen to do the Weekly Card Reading with the Angel Therapy Oracle Cards from Doreen Virtue.

The Cards


Card 1: Cut Your Chords – “Ask Archangel Michael to clear any old attachments to fear that stem from past relationships, freeing you from destructive patterns.

Card 2: Workshops and Seminars – “Attending and giving speeches is part of your spiritual path and purpose. Be open to teaching and learning.”

Card 3: Parents – “The Divine Truth is that your parents eternally love you to the best of their ability. The angels are helping you heal from any pain associated with your mother or father.”


If you have been holding back from reaching your goals or full potential because of past hurts, or fears, the angels are strongly advising you to let go of these emotions. Mercury is in retrograde until May 3rd, and there is a new moon in Taurus, this Wednesday. Both Mercury retrograde periods, and new moons, are excellent times for letting go of that which no longer serves you. Don’t be afraid to let go of the things you do not need to hold onto any longer. Letting go only makes room for the new.

Ask Archangel Michael to help you cut your chords from past scenarios, and to help clear your energy. Talk with Michael about your worries and fears, and ask him to help you dissolve them. Remember to ask him to get rid of them in a safe and loving way.

If you have been wanting to move forward with the process of letting go, but are not sure how to begin, find workshops or seminars related to your needs. For example, find a support group for things you would like to get rid of. Or, find a group of like-minded individuals, who can help guide you into your new journey. Either way, build connections with people who can inspire you and lift you up.

Lastly, if you have been wanting to let go of negative or toxic feelings about your parents, the above ideas can help. Keep in mind that your parents did the best for you with what they had. This means they raised you with what they knew. Let go of negative thoughts about them or your childhood, as this will only help you. 

Also, the angels are telling me to mention that some of you may be apprehensive or worried about parenting because of the way you were raised, or because of the feelings you hold about your parents. They want you to let go of this fear. If you want to have children, hold the faith that you will be a fabulous parent to them, and that you have the power to show them the greatest love imaginable. Do not let old feelings and past hurts keep you from having the life you desire.


It seems we have a lot of work to do in the letting go department. This could be intensified because of Mercury being retrograde. Remember to take time out of each day to sit with yourself and your feelings. Check in and ask yourself how you are doing. If there are any fears or worries that you are holding onto, talk with the angels.

If you want a little extra support bringing in the new, wear or carry a Moonstone crystal with you. I have been wearing Moonstone the past week or so, and it has definitely been helping me with the things I asked of it. If you want extra support letting go, wear or carry a Citrine crystal. I love Citrine! It helps relieve my anxiety, and it is just an all around positive crystal. It will help you to relax and manifest more joy in your life.

Have a blessed week!


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