4 Taoist Beliefs for Daily Life

Recently, I began to dig deeper into religions, and how other people connect with The All, or Spirit. The first bit of an “a-ha!” moment that I had was when researching Taoism.
I am not one for organized religion, but I am (obviously) incredibly spiritual. Taoism is not really a religion at all, but more of an understanding, which is what I have been preaching about all along.
Taoism translates to ‘”the way.” It  strengthens belief in and understanding of the self. It shines light on using one’s intuition, and following one’s heart. Upon continuing my studies, I found that I actually resonate with a lot of what Taoism has to offer.
Here are four aspects of Taoism I resonated with the best:

  1. Non-contention. This belief promotes settling problems or differences in a peaceful way, as opposed to a violent way. This is something that resonates very deeply with me, and it is also something that I wish to see more of in the world.
  2. Non-intention. Too often, people perform certain “acts of kindness,” in expectation of being glorified. This belief stresses the importance of acting from a pure state of altruism, as opposed to expecting recognition.
  3. Simplicity. As humans, we have the tendency to overthink and stress about things. We also tend to hold onto things that no longer serve a purpose to us. These things could be material or emotional. The purpose of this belief is to let go of things we do not need our lives, and enjoy the simple beauty that is life.
  4. Wisdom. This one is my favorite. This belief puts using your intuition center stage. It states that although logic is necessary for certain affairs, it cannot help with every one. Nor is it the correct thing to use, sometimes. By using our intuition, we gain insights to help us create the life we dream of.

Incorporation for Daily Life

There is much more to Taoism than what I listed here. But I believe that practicing these four aspects is a great way to start being more Tao. And by being more Tao, I mean being more peaceful. Isn’t that something we all could use a little more of?
So how do you truly begin incorporating these aspects into your daily life?
First start by being present. When we live our life in the present moment, we can gain a sense of peace that is not there when we are dwelling on the past or fearing the future. Life is what’s happening in the now.
In the now, let us settle differences from a place of peace. Let us help others from a place of love. Let us make room for, and enjoy simplicity. And lastly, let’s spend time getting to know and love ourselves, connect with our higher selves, and always follow our hearts. This is the Tao.

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