How Peppermint Tea Healed My Life

When I was a kid, I despised tea. I could never get myself to sip it, let alone drink a whole cup. Not even milk, honey, or sugar could do the trick. I just didn’t like tea.
Then came one night when I was a teenager, where I was super stressed out, filled with anxiety, and my stomach was in pain from it. I remembered my mom once telling me that peppermint tea was good for an upset stomach. I made my way down to the kitchen, late at night, to see if she had any left over from when she used to drink it for her stomach.
Low and behold, I find a tin of peppermint tea, specifically labeled for the use of relieving stomach troubles. I made myself a huge cup, and sat down with it. I added nothing to it, as I felt that would be weird, so I was very worried about not liking the taste. And then I fell in love.
I had never experienced anything quite like it. Never before had I had stomach problems disappear so quickly. And I had NEVER gotten a hold on my anxiety so quickly before, either. I had found my new soulmate, and it had been right under my nose for years.
Fast forward a few years later, to the now. I drink peppermint tea, literally daily, usually more than one cup a day. It became something that I cannot live without, very rapidly, after that night. I drink it when I come home from work, or after dinner to help me unwind from the day. I also drink it anytime I feel anxious or uncomfortable in any way (i.e. stomach bloat, cramps, sore throat, or just plain off).
I owe a lot of overcoming my anxiety issues to peppermint tea. When I first discovered its magic, I was having very harsh panic attacks, extremely often. But with a few sips of peppermint, my panic would cease, and my anxiety dissolve.
Here is a great article from Organic Authority, that lists some of the health benefits of peppermint tea:
Mint Leaf Stock Photo
So, as you can tell, I love peppermint tea, dearly. It has helped me immensely, and I always recommend it to people. I am also so grateful for peppermint, because it re-introduced me to the world of tea. I have a few favorites now, but peppermint will always be my number one.
(For anyone who is wondering, Stash makes my favorite peppermint tea).
Happy brewing!

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