Monday Mantra: 5/1/17

Happy May 1st, dear ones.
With each passing month, I am so surprised how quickly time has been moving. In fact, I have been putting a little too much focus on how quickly time is moving. I don’t feel too overwhelmed, but I do feel very pressured. Can anyone else relate?
So is the purpose of today’s Monday Mantra.
Adobe Spark (59)

“When I am at peace, so is my world.”

When we spend too much time in our heads, worrying about time and the future, worrying about bills and due dates, worrying about our loved ones and when we’ll get to see them next, we send that same worry energy out into the world. And then, that energy surrounds us. Everything begins to seem chaotic and worrisome.

Today, I invite you to silence your mind, and allow yourself some time of peace, that you so greatly deserve. Take just a few moments, whatever this Monday allows you to spare, and relax your mind and body. When you can relax, your mood will change instantly, and the energy of people and places you are surrounded by will be the same as yours: calm and bright.

I have a very full day ahead of me. But I have started my morning off with the burning of incense, and some music from Nakai. Just doing that, I feel much more at peace than I did when I first woke up.

Journal Questions

  1. How can you help yourself relax today? What is something you do to gain peace of mind?
  2. What have you been focusing your energy on? Is there anything you need to let go of?
  3. How can staying in a positive mindset affect your day and those around you?

This is the exact CD that I put on this morning. If you feel guided, take a listen. I know it’s an hour long . . . but listen to at least one song, and see how you feel. 🙂
Have a blessed Monday/May 1st!

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  1. I love this Morgan, so relaxing and my world is restored when I’m at peace. Sometimes, quite often actually, a big smile comes to my face when I read your posts and in amazement I think that we are the same spirit, split in multiple bodies in order to bring more enlightenment to the world. I feel so connected to you and I’m grateful our paths have crossed. For I believe there is a reason and purpose for everything. Thank you xo

    1. Agreed, my dear friend! I feel very similarly, actually. And I feel quite blessed to have this new friendship through blogging. 🙂 Your words and support really help me to keep going, and I am so grateful for that!

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