"So, avocado is like, your meat?" (a story of spiritual growth)

I’ve been on a path of enlightenment, and spiritual growth, for a few good years, now. About three or four years ago, I decided to stop consuming most meat (I only eat chicken, turkey, and fish, nothing else). If I do eat one of my chosen meats, it’s like, less than once a week. I would like to become full vegetarian, and I think that is in the cards for my future. But right now, I am good where I am.
At the same time I started eating less meat, I also ditched all fast food – unless Starbucks counts as fast food – and my family was quite taken aback by this.  I remember taking out my lunch at work one day. I brought an avocado and some pita chips. I had previously explained to my boss that I was trying to cut out meat and when she saw me with my lunch that day, so came the infamous quote: “So, avocado is like, your meat, isn’t it, Morgan?”
I can still feel people thinking I’m weird when they find out. Which is pretty humorous, considering vegan/vegetarianism is so common, and I’m not even either of those (yet). The reason I decided to start cutting meat out, was because I didn’t like the energy that I was taking in from it. Meat made me very uncomfortable and anxious. As did fast food. And of course, I do feel for the animals and the way they are being raised and treated. I don’t care for it. So consuming meat, was putting me in a lower vibration.
Another reason why I decided to start cutting meat out is because eating more fresh fruits and vegetables helps to raise your vibration. So, what does that mean?
Raising your vibration helps you to better connect with Spirit, angels, ascended masters, and so on. Living in a higher vibration helps you to connect with people from a place of love, know yourself, your boundaries, and your desires.
As a card reader, spiritual teacher, and studying life coach, it is vital that I live in a higher vibration. Having strong intuition is what helped me to know that this is the path I should be taking. I have found my passion, within myself. And it all started with changing my diet to enhance the gifts I already had.
Food for thought:

  • What are some ways you have been able to raise your vibration?
  • How do you feel being in a higher vibration, as opposed to a lower one?
  • What are some silly comments you have received throughout your own personal/spiritual growth?

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