Repeat After Me: I Am Good Enough

Happy lovely Saturday afternoon, folks!
I know that I always post mantras on Monday (Monday Mantras) but I was feeling the urge for one for my own personal reasons, and so I figured maybe some of you could use one, as well.
Adobe Spark (69)
When we suffer from not feeling good enough, our body, mind, and future feels it, too. We must remember that we are divine sparks of light, here on a mission. We each have our own unique life path to follow. Whatever we set our minds to, we can accomplish with grace.
If you have been feeling stuck, or down about yourself, your progress, your work, etc. now it the time to let those feelings go. Remind yourself that you are perfect the way you are, flaws included. Allow yourself the time necessary to relax, and find comfort within your own skin. Know that your aspirations are divinely guided, and you are supported.

Journal Questions

  1. What doubts have you been holding about yourself that are not true?
  2. Where have you been holding yourself back?
  3. What can you do to change these behaviors, and start building the life you desire?

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