Card Reading: 5/8-5/14

For this week’s reading, I decided to use my Archangel Michael Oracle Cards from Doreen Virtue. I have been praying to Archangel Michael, daily, so it seemed appropriate to ask him what message he wanted to share with all of you this week.

The Cards

First card: Self-Respect


Second Card: A Favorable Outcome



It seems as though we all have been feeling a little bit down on ourselves. Perhaps this comes from self-doubt, lack of self-love, or simply not showing yourself the respect you deserve. I know that I have been challenged with self-doubt, lately. So it is no surprise to me that this is the card Archangel Michael chose for us today.

I know that people in my life have also been faced with this same challenge. It seems to be an on-going theme throughout the first few months of this year. Now is the time to turn those thoughts around. We must remember that we are all divine sparks of light. We all have our own unique gifts and talents to share with the world. We must recognize and stand in our worth, at this time.

When we can begin to acknowledge our own power, and talents, we will begin to see the changes we want to see. The universe will always be there to support us when we know where we want to go. It is important at this time, to keep our thoughts positive. This can be done through affirmations, and it can also be done by handing our worries over to Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael says there is no need for us to spend our energy worrying, doubting ourselves, or disrespecting ourselves. He wants us to release these thoughts over to him, so that we may focus on the good that surrounds us. Keep this in mind as the week begins, and maybe even longer than that, depending on your situation. Know that everything that is happening will lead to an outcome that reflects your highest good.


Journal about where you have been disrespecting or doubting yourself. Think about ways you can turn this behavior around, whether it be leaving a certain situation, talking yourself down, or mistreating your body. How can you work on these problems?

After you have pondered these questions, repeat this prayer:

Archangel Michael, I call upon you now. Please take away my fears and worries. Help me to heal my negative thoughts about myself. Thank you!

Have a blessed week, my friends! Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for more spiritual guidance.

4 thoughts on “Card Reading: 5/8-5/14

  1. Powerful as always. The only thing I would say is that there is no need for self doubt. You are amazing my friend, you are unique and special and you bring many gifts to many people. Don’t ever forget this. Xoxoxo

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