The Versatile Blogger Award

I am so pleased to announce that I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award from my dear, dear, friend Rhapsody Boheme. I cannot thank her enough for the support she has shown me since I BEGAN on this blogging journey, about three months ago. Her kind words, immense support, and spiritual wisdom have helped me so much along the way. If you have not checked her out yet, please do so. You will not regret it!
So let me continue on, with seven facts about me:

  1. As a child, I always wanted to be a witch, or at least have magical powers. I used to wish that Hogwarts would call for me and I’d be sent away. Then as I got older, I would wish I was a psychic. I used to love hearing stories about psychics and reincarnation and so on. It wasn’t until I was about 14, when I finally realized I had intuitive abilities all along. And from there, I never looked back. My intuition has strengthened by A LOT, and I’m excited to see how much further I can go with it.
  2. Also as a child, I loved writing. I can remember writing three page stories in second grade, when the teacher wanted a one page story. I continued with that type of thing all the way through school. I have always dreamed of being a writer, and I love that with blogging, I get to write all the time, and incorporate my intuition.
  3. I was an actress for over ten years. My first play was when I was 9, my last play was when I was 21. I even received a National Youth Award for best leading actress in my portrayal of the Evil Queen in Snow White, when I was 16. I always knew that I wanted to help people. I thought that if I could become a famous actress, it would be easier to help people (kid logic). Now that I am older, I have kind of grown away from acting. I still think I am good at it, but it’s not where I want to be. And of course, now I know I can just help people, without being “famous.”
  4. I am originally from Waterbury, Connecticut. My family decided to move to Arizona when I was in third grade. It was a very hard adjustment for me at first, but I am so thankful that my parents made this move for us. My life would be entirely different if I were not in Arizona. I love this state and all of the wonderful experiences I have had here. Not to mention all the amazing people I have met.
  5. I attended the Art Institute of Phoenix for about one year, when I was 19. I was studying graphic design. I was always drawn to the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (where I go now) but I was afraid of going there. So I chose my next favorite thing, which was the  creative arts. Immediately upon starting, I felt awful. Anxious, and kinda sick all the time. But I pushed through it because I thought that was normal. Finally one day, I felt like I had gained all I could from there. I realized graphic design was not my dream, and in such a competitive business, I would be up against someone whose dream it was. So I quit. I am so glad that I quit. And the stuff that I did learn helps me to make graphics for my blog now.
  6. I am obsessed with the ’60s! My favorite bands include: The Doors, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Zombies and so many more. When I met my partner (of almost 7 years, we met in high school), I was wearing a Doors shirt the first time he saw me. We immediately began to bond over our love of the ’60s. One day we were at my house, listening to a Doors record, and I said something about how I felt like I knew their music before I had actually heard it. He looked at me and said, “I think we had a past life together and were hippies in the ’60s,” and I fell in love right there. I do believe I lived in the ’60s. I actually had a friend’s mom, who can do past life readings, tell me I had a life then. Pretty cool.
  7. I am still learning to trust my abilities. I am just starting to give readings to people other than myself and my best friend. I didn’t even do readings for my boyfriend until about a month ago. But I have been called out numerous times by other, more well-known psychics. Whenever my mom and I attend a spiritual class or expo, the psychic leading the class or lecture calls me out, and says how intuitive I am, and that I have amazing healing abilities. I am jumping into it, and hoping that I can really hone my skills to help my family, myself, and as many other people as I possibly can.

I apologize if that list was too long! I don’t usually talk about myself and doing so just now was kind of fun! So now, let me nominate a few folks for the Versatile Blogger Award!
Bernice from spiritualjourney17
The Chaos Realm
Eric from MakeItUltra
The Faerie Messenger
I want to thank you all for your amazing posts and words!

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