3 Questions to Ask for Self-Empowerment

There are many of us who have felt the shift in energy, here on Earth. Many of us are going through or have experienced spiritual awakening. Or perhaps we are trying to. The purpose of this post is to inform you on how to ask yourself the right questions to move forward on your journey of growth, connection, and evolution.
I have created a short video on the type of questions you should try asking yourself. I hope you enjoy!

The Questions

  1. Ask what, instead of why. When we want something to be different, it is important that instead of asking, “why does this continue to happen to me,” we ask what we can do to change that thing. Asking why, puts yourself down, while asking what you can do, is far more empowering.
  2. What do you want to create? Ask yourself what you want to invite into your life. When you focus on the positive in your life, more of that energy comes your way. Try to think positively about everything you want to manifest. This is how you will see the outcomes you desire along your journey.
  3. Create ways to accomplish your goals. Ask yourself how you will get where you want to go. Come up with a few different game plans. If you really want something, it is important that you have a few ideas of how to get there.

When creating the life we want to have, it is vital that we don’t let anything stop us. We are divine sparks of light, and we can do anything we put our minds to. Remember to use affirmations to help you empower yourself, along with questions that create forward movement. 
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Always be gentle with yourselves, dear ones. Life is what you make it. Make yours, yours.

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