Monday Mantra: 5/15/17

Good morning, all! Happy Monday, May 15th! Today, my next two courses are beginning at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. One lasts a total of five weeks, while the other lasts ten weeks. That was really interesting to me!

Recently, I have been feeling so happy and ecstatic for life! I spent a moment in my kitchen this morning, just looking around my apartment. I feel so grateful for everything that I have been blessed with, which lead us to today’s Monday Mantra:

Adobe Spark (75)

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, of course. So I got to spend part of the day with my parents and my dad’s parents. It was so wonderful to be with family! Then when I came home, I spent the evening with my boyfriend and one of our closest friends. It was a great day, filled with love.

As I stated above, this morning I was just looking around, examining all I have. I love everything life has given me, but I must say, the people in my life are what truly make it amazing.

Today, I invite you to repeat this mantra, focusing on the people who enhance your life. When we acknowledge the beautiful relationships in our lives, those relationships will grow deeper and more beautiful than ever. And when we recognize how many people we love, and how many love us, that makes room for more love to enter. Remember, what you focus on, the Universe provides you with. Why not make it love?

Journal Questions

  1. How can you show your loved ones gratitude?
  2. Have you been blocking yourself from receiving/giving love? If so, what can you do to change this?
  3. What does having loving relationships in your life mean to you?


Have a fabulous Monday, my friends!


-Morgan 🙂

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