New Segment: Mystical Question of the Month

Hello All!

I am delighted to announce a new segment here, at Modern Mystic Musings! Today, I am beginning this new segment, titled: Mystical Question of the Month.

Each month, I will post a question regarding to all things mystical & magical. The purpose of this segment is to strike up conversation between this blogging community, as well as the spiritual community. Questions will be posted here, Facebook, and Instagram. You are invited to participate in the following discussions on any or all of those platforms!

Please keep in mind that Modern Mystic Musings is a place of love. We do not judge others for their beliefs, and we communicate with each other from our heart spaces. Let’s keep these conversations fun and endearing, but also polite and respectful! This segment is meant to help those who want to know more about mystical & magical things. It is also a place for others to share the knowledge they have. If all this sounds good to you, then let’s begin!

The Question

The very first question I have is: What are your thoughts on reincarnation?

I’ll answer first.

I have believed in reincarnation since I was a young child, before I even really knew that the concept had a name. I believe it is something every soul goes through, whether the person believes in it or not. Sometimes, I feel like I can tell how young or old a soul is, when I am talking to a person. I have even begun to recognize (when meeting new people) what I feel like, when I come across a soul I have had many lives with. It is a very strange, magnetic feeling, that I receive when I recognize a soul from my previous lives. I also find that it can be very difficult to let go of people in this life, from previous lives.

I think reincarnation is an important thing to keep in mind when you are looking at your life or another’s life. Sometimes certain things we experience are directly caused from our past lives. I have had a few past life readings in my life, and I have also had past life dreams/seen them through meditation. Each past life I have found out about resonated with me extremely well, and they even helped me to understand some of the things I was going through at those times (in this life).

Have you had similar experiences to mine? Is there something else you have experienced? Let me know! I love talking about reincarnation a little too much. And remember, have fun with this exercise!




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