6 Things Every Empath Needs

So, empathy. That word is on the rise, in the mouths and minds of our culture. But what does it really mean? Google says this:

(chiefly in science fiction) a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.

In science fiction? I think not. Empathy (not just the ability to feel for someone, but the ability to literally feel them) is all too real, in my book. I was born an empath. From the the time I was a little girl, I could feel the energies and emotions of people around me, and the places I was in. In preschool, I chose to sit away from the other children. My mom picked me up on my first day and the teachers expressed their concern for my anti-socialness. At parties, or in large crowds, growing up *and to this day, although more manageable* I would get MASSIVE panic attacks. I could not handle crazy get-togethers. I still have difficulties at parties, especially holiday parties.
But what does all this mean, really? Well, as an empath who grew tired of always feeling weird or anxious – I found out later that I was just picking up energies – I had to learn how to protect myself. Over the years, I found there are some things I need to use daily to truly protect my energy. Here is my list of 6 Things Every Empath Needs.

1. Citrine.

Citrine quickly became my best friend about four or five years ago. It is a warm, yellow stone, which you can get tumbled, or like the one shown above. I wear Citrine in my crystal cage necklace (along with some other stones) just about every day. You can also simply put it in your pocket. Citrine is known for boosting confidence and is an all around “feel good,” stone. Plus, it’s yellow color activates the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is where your creativity/power lies. The Solar Plexus is where I feel most energies or anxieties. Therefore, it’s #1 on my list!

2. Essential Oils & Elixirs.

I lucked out last year, and found an aura/chakra cleansing mist at a local crystal store. They actually make this cleanser at their store! It has a plethora of essential oils, including ylang-ylang, rose, lemon, and patchouli. They mixed the oils with a crystal elixir which contained none other than Citrine! Needless to say, I love this mist. When I put it on, it immediately makes me feel better (by clearing my energy.) If you are an empath, I strongly suggest finding one of these or making your own.

3. Sage.

My mom and I used to burn sage when I was a teenager. It was highly effective in cleansing new homes, or getting rid of unwanted energies. I still burn it in my house, now. I will never move into a new place, without smudging first. And I periodically use sage to clear out old energies in my home, as well. If people have been over, and left a heavy energy, I use it. It can also rid the air of bacteria,  so it helps to keep us physically healthy, too. I love sage. As an empath, I need my home to hold as few foreign energies as possible. Sage is my go-to!

4. Herbal Teas.

more tea
Herbal teas help me immensely. Nothing helps me relax, quite like tea. My favorites are peppermint and chamomile. Both activate the Solar Plexus (where energy is held in my body) and clear out energies that were stuck there. Next time you feel drained from absorbing the energies of others, try some tea. You won’t be let down.

5. Alone Time.

Since a young child, I understood the importance of being alone. As an empath, and someone who is sensitive to energies, I need alone time every day. Spending time with myself helps me to reflect and release everything that is not serving me. If I don’t have time to let go of energies, they just continue to drain me until I do. If you’re an empath struggling with this, be sure to find time to be on your own. Don’t worry what your friends and loved ones will think. Let them know this is vital to your proper functioning. They’ll understand.

6. Connection with Archangel Michael.

Some of you may be familiar with Archangel Michael, some of you may not. He is one of the best well-known archangels. I call on him every day, and ask him to protect my energy, protect me from absorbing the energies of others, and protect my physical well-being. I even ask him to protect my car, and loved ones! If you need extra support, shielding yourself from others’ energy, call on Archangel Michael. When you do this, envision a deep blue/purple light surrounding your entire body. That color of light is Archangel Michael, shielding you. Remember to thank him for his services. If you do this daily, you will start feeling less drained, and more ready to take on the world!
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So there you have my list of 6 things I do/use every day to protect myself. Empathy is an extraordinary power. I am so thankful for my empathic abilities, and my intuition! If you are an empath, or feel that you could be, rejoice in it! It is your divine gift, and will help you serve your life’s purpose.

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