Archangel Gabriel: The Messenger Angel

Get to know Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel’s name means, “God is my strength.” In the bible, Gabriel is the angel who told Mary she would have a child, Jesus of Nazareth. Gabriel is also featured in many tarot decks, on the Judgment card in the major arcana. There has been some speculation over the years as to whether Archangel Gabriel is male or female. Many ancient texts refer to Gabriel as being male, but in many artist’s depictions, Gabriel appears more female.
This morning, I did a guided angel meditation, because I could feel the presence of an angel with me that I had not really worked with before. In the meditation, I learned Gabriel was with me. The energy felt more male to me, but that is besides the point. I am delighted to share Gabriel’s message with all of you, and work beside this incredible archangel.

What does Gabriel help with?

As stated above, Archangel Gabriel is known as the Messenger Angel. Gabriel helps you communicate with others. This could be communication between family and loved ones, or it could be communication for a broader audience. If you are pursuing a career in the arts, Gabriel is the angel you want by your side. Gabriel will help you to maintain your inspiration, and share your ideas with your audience. Gabriel assists those who blog, or are journalists, or those who do TV and radio work, as well.
Also as mentioned above, Gabriel brings the message of a new baby. Gabriel can help you with fertility or conception issues. And Gabriel can even assist you throughout your pregnancy, to help you relax, and let go of any parenting fears or health concerns. Together, you can create a very peaceful and loving environment for your new baby.

How to Invoke Gabriel

The color associated with Archangel Gabriel is white. You can connect to this angel by imagining their white loving light around you. If you want to feel Gabriel’s presence, wear white clothing, or crystals. Two crystals that resonate best with Gabriel are moonstone and clear quartz (two of my favorites, too!).
You can call upon Gabriel to help you with your artistic/writing/TV/music career by saying:

Archangel Gabriel, I am calling upon you now to please help me to lovingly communicate my thoughts to others in a way that will reach them best. Help me to stay motivated, and see my goals to the end! Thank you for guiding me with this process.

You can call upon Gabriel to assist you with your pregnancy or conception concerns by saying:

Archangel Gabriel, I am calling upon you to help me know what is best for my body and my baby. Please take away any fears or anxieties I have about my pregnancy. Help me to create a loving environment for my baby. Thank you for your assistance on this journey.

Or if you need Archangel Gabriel for communicating with friends and family:

Archangel Gabriel, please help me lovingly express my thoughts and feelings. Help me to understand what my loved one is trying to express to me. Guide us to a conclusion that will resonate with us both, equally. Thank you for your assistance during this time.


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