Card Reading: 5/21 – 5/27

Happy Sunday.

Hello all! Yesterday, I purchased a new tarot deck, called the Tarot of Spirit, by Pamela and Joyce Eakins. It is truly a beautiful deck, that speaks to your spirit on a subconscious level. I cleansed the deck with a Selenite wand, and incense. I performed a personal reading for myself and it was very accurate and insightful. I trust today’s 3-card spread will resonate with you, as well.

The Cards.


1. Four of Fire, Reversed

2. Earth Mother, Reversed

3. Water Brother, Reversed


It is important to point out that although each card came up reversed, this is not a negative sign. This simply means that there is a blockage, or a delay. The first card, Four of Fire, suggests that you are holding onto something that you do not need to be holding onto. There is room for growth and change ahead of you. Something that has your highest good in mind, is just ahead of you. But you must let go of old situations, past hurts, or past karmas, in order to move along your path.

The next card, Earth Mother, suggests that you take time to enjoy all the things Mother Earth has to offer you. Notice the flowers, sticks and stones, all around you. Pay attention to the animals that cross your path. By doing so, you will remove the blockage that is keeping you from being compassionate. When this blockage is removed, you will be able to share this love and joy with others, which is part of the reason why you are here.

The third card, Water Brother shows that if you are able to accomplish the first two tasks asked of you (release that which no longer serves you, and open your heart by connecting with nature) your life will be filled with love. Let this love flow through you, as it guides you to your rightful place. Allow this love to be the basis on which you live your life. Watch as new opportunities appear and new doors open all around you.

Have a blessed week!



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