8 Goddesses for Female Empowerment

Goddesses as Guardians

If you have been keeping up with my blog, you know I write a lot about archangels. Archangels are truly amazing beings, and I still suggest getting to know them. But what if you are not comfortable contacting angels, or feel they’re not quite your style? Well I’ve got the perfect solution for you: goddesses.
There is a countless number of goddesses who want to love you, heal you, and guide you. Today, I am going to kick-off my goddess lessons, by listing 8 Goddesses for Female Empowerment. I have done some research and found 8 amazing goddesses who love to help women (especially, they will help men too, of course). Here, I will list an array of topics/issues they can help you with, from romance to PMS. Let’s begin.

1. Aphrodite.

Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and passion. You can call on her whenever you need assistance in these areas. She can help you to feel more confident, and she can help you to recognize your own beauty and worth. Call on her when you feel fearful of commitments in love, as she can help you to relax. She can also help you increase your sexuality and passion in romance!

2. Devi.

Devi is a Hindu goddess, who represents the female energy of God. Think of her as a great mother figure. She can help you rid yourself of addictions, and she can assist you with purification of the body. Devi can also help you find more meaning in your life or career. Call on her when you need guidance in any of these areas.

3. Guinevere.

Guinevere, from the United Kingdom, is a goddess of love, relationships, and motherhood. She also works very closely with flower fairies. Call on her for any issue you might have as a woman, and she will be beside you, guiding you with her motherly love. You can also contact her if you want to build a relationship with the fairies!

4. Hathor.

Hathor is an Egyptian goddess of the sun. She can assist you with finding your soulmate, and building a strong relationship with them. She can also help you with conception, fertility, and pregnancy issues. If you need help making a decision, call on Hathor. She can help you figure out which direction to take. She also knows her beauty and cosmetics! Call on her if you want to change up your beauty routine, or if you have a career in this field, and need a breath of fresh air.

5.  Isis.

Isis is an Egyptian goddess, who is known for embodying femininity. She can assist you if you want to learn more about Divine Magic. She can also help you to feel more empowered, beautiful, and have a stronger self-esteem. Call on her if you want more joy in your life. She will be happy to assist you with any of these things!

6. Isolt.

Isolt is the Celtic goddess of love. She can help you find a soulmate, enhance your sexual satisfaction, and reignite passion. Call on her if you have recently gone through a separation from a romantic partner. She will help your heart to heal. And when you are ready, she can help you to attract a new romantic partner.

7. Maeve.

Maeve is known as a powerful, warrior goddess, from Ireland. She can assist you when you are looking for alternative or holistic methods of healing. Call on her to guide you to the right vitamins, minerals, herbs, or oils for you. Ask her which types of aromatherapy would benefit you. If you are a beginning healing practitioner, or an herbologist, ask her to help you build your practice, and help your clients in the best way for them. You can also call on her if you are having a rough menstrual cycle, or if you need to know how you can calm your body during your cycle. She can also help you to connect with the fairies!

8. Pele.

Pele is a Hawaiian fire goddess. She rules Hawaii’s volcanoes, and is known to take on many forms, such as a volcano, a dog, a young beautiful woman, or an older, wise woman. She can help you to feel more empowered, and give you the passion and energy you need to set and accomplish your goals. Call on her when you need assistance prioritizing, and when you want to build strong, honest, relationships. If you need help communicating, call on her. She will help you define your values, and make your place in the world.
So there you are! Eight goddesses to call on to embrace your femininity, stand in your power, and assist you in areas of romance and sexuality. You can call on them by saying their names, and telling them which areas you need help in. Do this by sitting in a quite, comfortable space. Try to reach them through meditation, or simply through visualization. Imagine all their aspects, and the things you wish to ask their assistance for. Sit with the thoughts, and images that enter your mind. And remember to thank them for their healing or guidance.

I hope you enjoyed this post on goddesses! Remember that sharing is caring. 🙂 Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for more daily guidance. And let me know if you have tried to contact any of these goddesses. I would love to hear about your experience!

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