Define Your Goals in 3 Simple Steps

How do you define your goals?

Sometimes, when thinking about your goals, do you know why you are setting the goals you are setting? I know that I have had difficulties in the past, figuring out what direction I wanted to go in life, and whether that direction was my true desire. It is easy to see what other people are doing and think, “Oh, maybe I should do that.”
Have you ever seen what others are doing, and attempted to follow in their footsteps? I have done this to some extent. And I found that when I did things I didn’t actually want to do, I wound up anxious, and not feeling right. Only when I altered my path to fit me, did I start to feel true bliss. Only then, did things come into alignment for me, as my path continued to unfold.
Now, I am on a journey that I know I was always meant to be on. Looking as far back to my early childhood, I can see signs that prove I was always meant to take this path. So I come to you today, with three steps I went through, in order to stand in my power, and create the life I have always dreamed of. Here is my list of 3 Steps to Define Your Goals.

1. Do things you enjoy.

If you have been reading my blog, or have at least visited before, you know that I am a spiritual teacher. (If you are new, welcome!) And as you can assume because I have a blog, I love to write. As a child, I was always writing stories, from the time I learned how to write. And as I grew older, I began taking an interest in new age topics. Throughout my teen years, I would attract older spiritual teachers – my friends moms, and whatnot. My mom and I eventually began attending spiritual expos, classes, and seminars on our own. Each time we would attend one, I would think, “I could be doing this. I could be that teacher, I could be giving this card reading, I could be helping these people, just as good as they are.” And after doing this for a few years, I finally decided to start this blog, and attend the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, so that I could teach, heal, and help people, too. If I hadn’t been doing things I enjoy, like attending spiritual classes, collecting card decks/new age books, and learning as much as I could in my free time, I would not be here today. And you would not be reading this.

2. Let go of what is not you.

Sometimes we hold on to images of ourselves that are not us. We don’t do this on purpose. We just hold on to who we were as children or teenagers. We hold on to how we were raised or we try to reach the expectations other people had for us. It is important for you to realize, that you are the creator of your reality. You have the power to change old habits, beliefs, or customs that no longer match who you are in your heart of hearts. Let go of the things that are no longer serving you, so that you can make room for the things that will. As you begin to morph into the best version of you, opportunities will pop up all around you. They will lead you on your unique path, and you will see the life you have dreamed of manifest before your eyes.

3. Don’t be afraid.

Okay, so now you have found what brings you joy, you have let go of the old to make room for the new. You have an idea of where you want to take your life. But where do you begin? You may feel like the ideas you are having are too far out of reach. Maybe you are afraid they don’t seem do-able. They are. Don’t be afraid! I have found over the last few months, that once you begin chasing your dreams, no matter how intimidating they were at first, they become easier to accomplish. Once you start taking action, you will question why it took you so long to get moving. You will be saying, “Wow, this is easier than I thought it would be.” I promise you will feel more empowered, and so much hungrier for more. Once you get the ball rolling, it won’t stop. So take the risk.


I hope that this list has helped you to see your desires a little bit clearer. As the divine spark of light that you are, I know you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. And if it doesn’t seem to be working out, reevaluate the steps I’ve listed here. Ask yourself if this is truly what you want. If it is, persevere.  If this goal is not truly in alignment with you, don’t worry. Keep on this path of self-discovery, and your purpose will jump out at you. Keep in mind that your path is unique to you. Everything you are and everything you are meant to do will come to you in divine timing.
And, for a quick recap:
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Make the most out of your days, my friends! Love & Light to you.

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0 thoughts on “Define Your Goals in 3 Simple Steps

  1. The biggest thing is to not be afraid of what is coming ahead for you in your life. I had to learn that the hard way when I was in the military years ago that being afraid is not going to help the people around you in a time of need. But being afraid to me is okay once in awhile, it is human nature to feel that in times of our lives. But learning with my disease is not to be afraid, it’s about taking it on head strong. But again thanks for this post, it has taught me a lot by reading it…

    1. Yes, I agree. Being afraid is something we need to feel. It will only help us grow stronger. But we cannot let fear hold us back from creating what we want. I’m glad you enjoyed! Thank you for your words 🙂

  2. I’m in a similar boat. Something that I always feared was not having enough money to advance with my dreams. But now I understand that everything happens in divine timing. 🙂

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