Spirituality, in my eyes.

What I deem spiritual.

A common thing among many Americans today, is to state, “I am spiritual, but not religious.” This is something that I feel very strongly. Organized religion is not for me, although there are different concepts within the differing religions that I do agree with. However, this does not mean that I associate myself with any one religion. I associate with none.

I believe in the Divine. I believe in God. I believe in many gods. I believe in angels, archangels, and ascended masters. And I also believe in spirit guides, animal totems; you get the idea.

When I think of my spirituality, I think of love. God is love, Spirit is love. I believe that we derived from The All, the creator: the creator of all gods, goddesses, angels, humans, animals, plants, etc. Love is what created us, and love is what connects us.

Spiritual Goals

I want to lead my life with the love of The All. I want to be a messenger of the Divine, for all of the love living on this planet. My goal is to teach, help, and heal the Divine Sparks of Light residing here.

As the teacher of love that I am, and will continue to be, I want you to know that it is okay to be unsure of where you stand. You do not have to be part of any religion. You don’t have to be spiritual at all. You can build your beliefs based off of many belief systems. Or you can stick closely to one religion. The point here, is that if we are not spreading love, and building connection with our fellow human beings…then what are we doing here?

Ponder this question. Let it sink in and sit with it for a moment. Open yourself up to the Divine Love that is waiting to grace you with its presence. This is the role of the human.

Journal Questions

  1. How do you define spirituality? And what does it mean to you?
  2. How can you open yourself up to Divine Love, so that you may share it with others?

I am wishing you much love and happiness on your Earthly journeys, my friends.