How to Connect with Fairies

Who are the Fairies?

I like to think that Fairies live in each bush or tree that I pass. Fairies are all around us (of course there are more in forests and larger nature areas, than deep in the city). But nevertheless, they are always with us. Some people even have fairies as spirit guides, meaning they stay with you wherever you go! My mom once had an aura photo taken, and fairies were visible in her aura! Needless to say, I was a bit jealous.
Fairies are available to help us with basically whatever we need. They help us to manifest more income, health, strong relationships, new homes, and beautiful gardens. You can call on the fairies to assist you with any of these things.
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But the fairies are more playful and blunt than angels are. If a fairy does not like the way you treat the environment, for example, she will not help you, and most likely play a trick on you instead! Fairies are mischievous. They will never hurt you, but they will definitely play a practical joke on you!
Here are a few ways you can please the fairies, build your bond with them, and end up with friends who will be glad to assist you throughout your life:

1. Care for plants and animals in your area.

The fairies number one concern is always plants and animals. You should always keep lots of plants around you and your home, to attract fairies. Keep bird-feeders full of food and water, so that they know you care. And always be considerate of nature.

2. Show your appreciation and welcome.

If you want fairies to visit your home more often, place pretty things outside for them. For example, hang pretty trinkets in trees. Place statues of gnomes or fairies outside. Hang wind-chimes, and plant flowers. Fairies want to know they are welcome to come near you. You can even offer things to them, such as unwrapped candies! Doreen Virtue says in her book,ย Fairies 101,ย that they love chocolate, as well.

3. Use organic products.

Fairies do not like cleaning products, shampoos, soaps, etc. that are filled with chemicals, as they are harsh on the environment. Who remembers what the fairies’ number one concern is? Try to reduce the use of these products in your home, to let the fairies know you care for the environment, too.

4. Spend time in nature.

This is probably the best way to truly connect with fairies. Yes, you can call on them any time, but by actually going out in nature, sitting there and taking it all in, you can betterย hear the fairies. If you have a specific question you want their guidance on, it is vital that you spend some quiet time outside. Focus on your question, and focus on connecting with the fairies. Be open to their messages, and they will come to you.

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